Kat Von D Monarch Palette First Impression and Swatches

After receiving the cooler toned Chrysalis Palette for mah bday and falling hopelessly in love with it I decided that the Monarch Palette will have to be joining my collection as well. Honestly, because money, I made myself choose between the Naked Basics and the Monarch Palette and I’m pretty pleased with my choice since it covers what I would have been able to get out of Naked Basics for the most part anyway. Although who the fuck am I kidding, I’ll probably go back for it anyways after my Ulta shipment comes in because I have an addiction and it needs to be fed with all the delicious colored micas.

Ok, lets get to the part of this that matters. Look at this pretty bitch.


Now look at it’s sexy butt.

Now for the gorgeous insides. I’m delightfully surprised by these despite their warmth, I tend to lean towards cooler tones, but all of these are doable with my undertones and they are some of the most velvety textured eye shadows I’ve ever felt. While swatching they also dragged for days, which is a good sign in my opinion.


These swatches were done without the use of any kind of primer so you can really get a great idea of what the actual payoff is. They feel amazing and for the most part are super pigmented. One or two of the matte shadows felt a little dry, but that’s generally to be expected and that is me being overly picky. If these shadows are anything like the Chrysalis Palette then there will be no issues with blending and very minimal fallout issues. This palette will become a new reasons it took me too long to get ready for life trying to choose which colors to play with. And I don’t need ESPN to foresee that shiz.

Colors are as follows:
Entomology – Matte Cream.
Telepathy – Pearl Gold. FAVORITE*
Tiny Death – Glitter Cream.
Wrath – Deep Pearl Orange.
Papilio – Pearl Chocolate. FAVORITE*
Summerfly – Glitter Gold.
Killing Jar – Pearl Copper. FAVORITE*
Delaney – Pearl Silver.
Vanish – Matte Taupe.
Disintegration – Pearl Brown.
Shadow Box – Matte Chocolate.
Deadhead – Matte Black.

My final assessment would be 11 out of 12 boners. Very Jizzworthy.

Thank you to the ethereal goddess that is The Kat Von D and The Temple of Sephora for creating such such a wonderful line.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, etc, etc. I will only back things I like, etc. I bought the thing with money.





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