When You Can’t Find the Right Shade of Eye Shadow…


    I’m not sure if it’s a perfectionism issue or an attention deficit issue, but this struggle is so god damned real that it can be debilitating at times. This usually results in packing up my toys and going home to kick rocks while everyone else gets to have fun because I’ve decided to have an adult tantrum. Sometimes the swatches will run up and down both arms like I’ve tried to camouflage myself for a war with pixies and lawn gnomes. Obviously shimmer shadows are a deterrent to the basic gruff nature of the lawn gnome and actually not a great idea for repelling pixies. I have a feeling they probably like glitter too much. They probably cum glitter now that my mind has ran off into the sunset with that whole tangent… Great, I’ve unknowingly become an example of a pixie bukakke party.

    I’ll have a pretty nice sized fall/winter inspired Ulta haul coming up tomorrow! Mattes and vampy lips. Feel free to check back Sunday for pictures of the new Urban Decay Shadow Box and a few other goodies. I’ll be looking into the Vice 3 palette at midnight in hopes I can snag it ASAP! It is beyond all that is gorgeous and it must be mine. Soon.


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