Unreliability and Clavicle Dislocations

Oopsies. There is now proof on this blog of the fact that I am unreliable. I was kind of hoping I’d have at least 5 or more posts under my belt by the time my illness induced flakiness started to seep through. Yesterday due to technical difficulties I lost all of the data on my SD card and had to start over, which required a rage nap in between photoshoots due to the depletion of my spoons. Luckily everything worked itself out and I have a new batch of photos waiting to be uploaded and written about. Unfortunately, I’m trying to keep my typing to a minimum because due to my lovely connective tissue disease I am nursing a newly relocated acromioclavicular joint.

I had no idea you could dislocate your clavicle. Surprise!

Ice. Lots of ice. And no more typing for a bit because this one actually is quite uncomfortable compared to the other subluxations and dislocations I’ve acquired. Will be back with makeup and less boring things ASAP!! Will have to try to remind myself not to reach for things that are probably not the things that I am looking for. That is how all my shoulder sublux/dislocations happen.

**Featured photo is author’s hand displaying some random hypermobility, a feature associated with many connective tissue diseases.


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