~**Kat Von D Star Studded Eyeshadow Book**~


On account of my lack of spoons (Click here for The Spoon Theory) today this will be my only accomplishment for the day and that includes doing this instead of saving strength to brush my teeth before bed. On top of general Ehlers-Danlos/hyperadreneric pots fatigue I seem to have pulled a hamstring muscle by doing none other than rolling out of bed. Fantastic. ALAS, it is totally worth it because sharing this beauty is my current life’s dream. I

am in love with this bitch. I’ve included a picture of the new KVD holiday palette with the two currently available palettes (the Chrysalis Palette and the Monarch Palette) for a look at how easily they could be incorporated into looks using this holiday palette. Ok lets get started!!


Oh box, you so pretty. The packaging is lovely, but as we all have decided already not as lovely as the last few holiday palettes featuring Kat’s amazing artwork. I’m content with it personally.


Because I mean… damn. Do you not see this? @__@ Wowza.


This is the palette with the name sheet over it with my ultra grubby phalanges gently molesting it. The sheet has dotting for easy tear-off ability, but I would have preferred the color names under the eyeshadow pans. It does list the names on the back of the palette so it’s really not a big deal.


The eyeshadows are vibrant and buttery to the touch for the most part. I will admit that their were 2 shadows I was disappointed by based on touch then swatch, but for the most part everything in this palette is beautiful and holds up to the other palettes I have from KVD’s collection. Edit: The matte colors do seem a bit off, but KVD’s mattes are some next level shit and these are still decent.


This is the KVD Star Studded Eyeshadow Palette along with the Monarch Palette up top and the Chrysalis Palette to the right. If anyone would like me to do swatch comparisons between the three please feel free to let me know and I will get those out ASAP. There are no doubles as far as I know.


I swatched all of these in their designated quad. The first shadow is to be used as an all over shade/highlight. The second shadow is to be used on the lid. The third shadow is to be used in the crease and the fourth is to be used as an accent. You can obviously flip flop the lip and crease colors or use any other combo your little heart desires. No judgement here!

Solar: matte peach with subtle gold glitter
Nephilim: pearl bronze*
Platonic: iridescent tangerine gold* (MY FAV)
Mandala: matte rusty orange


Damned: matte nude cream
Division: pearl grey green*
Depeche: shimmer dark bronze
Brass Knuckles: shimmer yellow gold


Anti-Star: shimmer show white
Estrella: pearl ocean blue
Black Star: matte black with iridescent glitter (Gritty w/not nice application)
Starflyer: matte royal blue


Banshee: matte ballerina pink
Violator: iridescent lavender*
Gothica: iridescent purple (Gritty/bad app.)
Fascination Street: matte indigo


Moz: matte peachy pink
Heaven Knows: pearl cool taupe*
Smiths: pearl copper brown*
Leather: matte chocolate brown with subtle glitter


Crosses: matte nude with iridescent glitter
Covenant: pearl mocha brown
Craft: pearl forest green with iridescent glitter*
Cult: shimmer lime green*

* Favorites are starred.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this palette or if you would like to see some swatches of colors from this palette along side some from the other two palettes! Have a great weekend!!!!

Sorry for any blurriness in the photos on account of tremors/spasticity. Had to set the camera on my titty to get the pictures to stop coming out mega blurry.


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