Stream of Consciousness

I am too tired to life. I had planned on writing a bit, anything at all really. My goal was to just make some sort of written accomplishment of some sort. That may end up a time waster for any poor unfortunate soul who happens to stumble upon my blog, but alas motherfucker, I did a thing.

I actually have accomplished quite a bit this weekend. I got a shower for the first time in an embarrassing long time (list of reasons is long, but in short that shit exacerbates symptoms like a mf), I did me some fly ass full faces using my KVD Star Studded and my Too Faced Chocolate bar, got dressed by myself, got new foundation (L’oreal Magic Nude Dick Powder or w/e[have it on now, much nice]), went to Walmart, and ate all the caramel apple pie cookies. That is more than I’ve done in the last month and I’m mega proud. Speaking of mega, the Lorac Mega Pro goes up on Amazon some time 10/13 for the last time. That palette is already sold out and if you want it sign up for a notification on Amazon NOW-ish or else you will miss out.

Okay, so even typing this murdered my energy. I’m going to go baby talk at my rabbit and rewatch Twin Peaks. Mom joked that I’m probably messed up because my dad let me watch Twin Peaks as a small child, I’d have to say that she’s probably partially correct. I also got to watch the movie ‘It’ when I was 6 before my best friend had a clown at her birthday party. That was a great time for me. Fucking love clowns, that shit didn’t fuck me up at all… Oh, ps. Fuck this season of American Horror Story. I cannot tell you how many nopes a white girl can nope if a white girl can nope nooooope. Fucking, nope.

I need to make a note somewhere to get to my messages and emails. I have 20+ on facebook, I have stuff on youtube, here, email, and various other places I need to get to ASAP. I feel so bad, I love you guys so much. I love my friends, family, etc. It’s just gotten so hard to read things and be coherent. It’s why I’ve stopped reading and editing my own stuff. I just can’t. Thank babby Buddha for books on tape, amiright??? Yes. Duh. Always. Anywho, it’s time to sleep for 16 hours to make up for the fact that I left the house. *Shakes fist* Stupid slow and energy-less host. I keep thinking I should make these in video form, but they’d be 110% more scattered. I promise legit cosmetic type things this week!! I have all the pictures loaded and some writing done 🙂 Yay!

**Attached pic is relevant. It’s relevant to the fact that I am too gotdamn attention deficit to follow any type of task to the end and end up doing something ridiculous and/or messy instead. Picture is of host body using hand for ‘fall themed lippies’ while it was supposed to be cleaning. Here’s another one to send you off with of my hand + swatches + swan neck deformity/hypermobility via Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.


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