Tease Post

I have received Vice 3, the Pulp Fiction palette, and my Lorac Mega Pro should be shipping out tomorrow! I’ve decided to put off actual reviews of palettes until I have photographed at least one corresponding eye look because how shadows look on the eye can be completely different than how they swatch. So now I’m just having this life struggle of needing to wash my makeup brushes, but not wanting to get out of my warm bed on this super chilly Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t get out of bed if I wanted to though based on my hip dislocation issue at the moment. Oh well, it’ll just make everything more satisfying once I’m able to do it.

I may also be getting a new cell phone soon so I’ll finally be accessible. That should be interesting as I have not had a consistently working phone in years. I was also told I could pick any phone I want because upgrade. I’m curious about the HTC Desire Eye, maybe a Galaxy 5 (but K hated and returned his), or an iphone 6 which is probably going to be what I settle on because it meets my creative needs. Neat. Finally. Maybe.


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