Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette

Do yourself a favor and treat yo’self to this limited edition eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. Though the shadows aren’t quite as buttery to the touch as they once were, in my opinion, it is probably the best eyeshadow palette of the season. I’m not feeling well and have a hoard of palettes stacking up so I’m just going to start reviewing without an eye look to accompany these for now. Hopefully I’ll get some strength to add a tutorial in the next few weeks. So lets get into this.


I’m sorry for this mad wonked up picture. I took this shit upside down to capture some light, but now it looks weird as balls because of the angle. This is a shitty picture of an amazing palette. I may have trouble selling you on this one, get it anyways. Look at that green! Look at those pinky-reds! Gotdamn this palette does things to me. This was the only one I felt bad molesting, but obviously couldn’t hold out long enough to take pictures on account of the obvious finger marks in the pans. My bad.

Anyways, these are all true to UD’s current formula. Most feel wonderful, all of them are beautiful. The mattes are superb and easy to work with and the shimmers are norm-wonderful as per usual.

First 2 rows.
Second 2 rows.

Blogging from bed is a minor shitshow. These pictures are depressing, but here are the color descriptions.

First Row: Truth* (pale pink-nude matte), Dragon* (bright metallic green shimmer), Vanity (smoky metallic eggplant/multidimensional micro-glitter), Alien* (pink-peach/golden shift), Last Sin (champagne shimmer/silver micro-glitter)
Second Row: Undone* (pink-beige/matte-satin/tonal pearl), Freeze (metallic medium blue/multidimensional micro-glitter), Lucky* (metallic bronze), Alchemy (deep fuchsia satin), Angel (light taupe/silver micro-glitter)
Third Row: Downfall (warm light brown matte), Heroine* (deep navy blue/tonal pearl), Reign* (rich brown satin), Bondage (deep, smoky burgundy/shimmer), Defy* (smoky taupe satin)
Fourth Row: DTF* (taupe matte/pearl), Brokedown (metallic golden brown shimmer/gold micro-glitter), Bobby Dazzle (metallic white/pale gold micro-glitter), Sonic* (metallic red-copper) and Revolver (soft black satin/iridescent pearl)

* = Favorites. There are quite a few favorites in this palette. It’s 100% worth looking into, especially for Urban Decay fans. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the release of the LTD Palette closer to the holidays!!


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