Too Faced Modern Mattes

This is an Ulta Exclusive set that features Too Face’s Matte Eye Palette, their Better Than Sex mascara, and their Bulletproof Eyeliner 24 Hour Wear Pencil. The set all comes to $38 which is a great deal considering the palette alone is worth $36.

This will mainly be a review of the palette as I have no tried the mascara due to having about 34.6 tubes open at the moment and there isn’t much to be said about the eyeliner. The mascara can be found ALL over the internets and usually with pretty high scores all across the board. As for the eyeliner, I’ve used better, but do enjoy that once it is on I don’t have to worry about it going anywhere. I ALMOST thought I finally found an eyeliner I could use to tightline that wouldn’t transfer to the bottom eye flap shelf, but I was wrong and there ended up being a slight smudgy transfer. Rude. I found that once it goes on there is NO time to work with it, so using it as a base is near impossible for someone like me who needs to take their time when smoking their liner out. Something to keep in mind depending on how you need your eyeliners to preform.

Now on to the main attraction! Sorry for dim lighting, these were taken pretty late at night and I was proud of them at the time… My lighting skills have improved. Maybe. (This is a lie)


    I find Too Faced shadows to be a bit on the drier side, but easy to work with. All of the colors in this palette are muted, which I love. I also freaking love mattes. I just want to swim around in all the matte makeup forever. Who cares about stupid rules like never using all mattes unless you are older? Not me. Not ever. Get out of here with that nonsense. Don’t you dare tell me how to live my gotdamn life. I have found that these shadows can look a bit muddy due to over blending and bad color placement. I would have loved to post a look along with this, but they’ll come later when I’m feeling a bit more human. Promise!


    As you can see these didn’t swatch out as smoothly as some of my past reviews. I like to stay away from primer for swatching and only do 1-2 swipes to make sure the color is actually there. Some brands don’t need swatch number 2, these guys obviously did. Now on to color descriptions! Tufted Suede (Camel), Chinchilla (Brown), Coffee Bean (Darker Brown)

Day: Tufted Suede (Camel), Chinchilla (Brown), Coffee Bean (Darker Brown)
Classic: Velveteen Bunny (White), Pebbles (Muted Blue/Grey), London Fog (Navy)
Fashion: Fresh Linen (Light Beige), Vintage Violet (Muted Violet), Midnight (Black)

That’s all I got for this one. It’s a good little palette that would be great for daytime looks or for pairing with shadow singles/other palettes that may not have a good selection of mattes or nudes to round out your look. Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Too Faced Modern Mattes

  1. Kaily

    I was tempted to purchase this palette because I love mattes and it basically comes with a free mascara and eye liner but I don’t think I’ll make the plunge. I feel like a lot of palettes are incorporating matte in well enough that this palette would be overkill for me. But I would love to see some looks if you do get around to feeling “human” again, lol.



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