Fewer Posts Coming in November

Sorry for posting so much recently. I seem to not be so good at the whole ‘scheduled’ posting thing. I’ll be working on that. I will probably be posting less in November due to trying to participate in NaNoWriMo. I figure it’ll give me something to do every day while I remain bed ridden for the most part. If you have extra time on your hands and enjoy writing I would highly suggest it. It’s basically a competition to get to 50,000 words in a month.

So if I seem to start slacking it would be because of that mixed with a no buy until the new year starts. Although, I am placing Sephora and Ulta purchases this week while I still have 20% off both. Then I may look into the Vice LTD and Limecrime’s Grunge Palette because they both have eyeshadow colors I cannot find anywhere else. Urban Decay’s Crystal is one of my favorite shadows (it’s a light icy blue-silver) and Roadstripe seems like the most perfect thing ever with it’s white to lilac duochrome. Duochromes give me life. And then the Grunge Palette… I can’t even talk about that one right now. It’s perfect. It has colors I have been trying to find for months. There is a serious lack of burgundy/maroon shadows with a matte finish and enough red in them in the world of cosmetics. Someone has finally answered my prayers. MUFE does have a new shadow that is perfect, but it’s $21 and usually sold out.

Wow, so that got off topic. My bad. I have a problem. I just really love makeup, okay. Goshhh. But, yeah. As of Nov. 1 if I am here it means I am procrastinating on my ‘novel’ and need to be punished.



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