Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

I’m having trouble brain-ing and finging (arthritis/EDS/tremors no big deal, just annoying) so I’m going to make this ‘review’ ultra mega speedy. Currently I am heffering some candy so my attention will be more divided than normal, but lets do the damn thing.

This is the thing with it’s mirror. It’s mirror is some A+ shit and this thing would make a SUBURB compact for touch ups or casual vanity when you just want to stew in your own sexy.

The colors in this little wee babby palette here are more on the cool side. That is a thing that personally appeals to me as I am of a cooler complection. I recently fount the term “esthetic of an Edwardian corpse” to strike a very relevant cord with me. Mad bingo, bitch.

This palette includes the same old UD shadows we talk about all the time. Describing these shadows feels like beating a dead horse and luckily for you I will describe these colors as horse colors as well. I like pones a lot and now you will have to deal with the consequences. Back on track, I could see how some looks could end up looking a bit muddy if you over blend or if you pair colors that are too similar like Frisk and Cover.

Swatches are looking a little rough, I blame user error. Needed a bath + tremble fings.

Skimp: Shimmery Cremello
Stark: Palomino, maybe a light Buckskin
Frisk: Grulla
Cover: One of the variences of Dun with little bit of grey, red, and brown. Could go roan or grulla too.
Primal: Standard Brown (no black points like w/bays)
Undone: Young Grey

Well, I need sleep. But yeah, this palette is great for people with cooler undertones who need a simple everyday palette. I will say I do like the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette a bit more in regards to color selection and day to day wear, but I do find the Naked Basics 2 to pair well with other palettes beautifully.

Thanks for peepin’ mah blog and I hope to chat at you soon!
Have a happy and safe Halloween weekend!!!


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