China Glaze: Define Good

China Glaze Define Good is a gorgeous dark metallic red. Unfortunately my nail painting skills leave something to be desired due to a mixture of spastisity and tremors, but this polish is giving me so much life. There really isn’t much to say about nail polish… Painting my right hand was ridiculously hard and I just slathered the tips of my fingers in red and hoped for the best. One coat was enough, but I did 2 to even out all the user error related issues. Here’s a picture of it’s butt. I originally took 7 blurry pictures of the polish bottle upside down. I’m really highly intelligent.

So, ah, that’s all I got on this one. It is very pretty and I like it a lot. Painting my nails gives me something to do while in bed and makes me feel like I’m actually taking care of myself even though I haven’t bathed in like 3 weeks. May have dad pits, but at least my talons look fly af.

PS: These are the nails of a chronic nail biter. Looks like I have defeated my chronic masticating issues! I blame the fact that my jaw is generally sore from daily dislocations. Whatever works! Amiright? Duh. Always. Stfu.



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