Sephora and Ulta Friends and Family Sale Hauls

I grabbed a few things from Sephora during the 20% off friends and family sale for myself and my fiance. We got some Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech since our haircuts are actually pretty similar… which is slightly awkward when people tell you your SO looks similar to your brother. Lannister approved! Gross… He grabbed some man perfume. Which reminds me that I REALLY need some of the Versace Eros for myself. We fought over a sample, but ended up agreeing that it was more of a “Jenn” smell. It smells got damn amazing and for some reason i gravitate towards cologne than perfume. Whatever, fuck gender roles, etc. Feminism. Misandry!! Wait, what is happening.

Ok, so I grabbed myself the Bite crayon thingies and Kat Von D’s eyeliner gift set. Then from Ulta I grabbed my favorite foundation the Covergirl Aquasmooth, a China Glaze nail set, some mini highlighter creams from Becca, NYX retractable lipliner in natural, and Maybelline Touch of Taupe because trends…. But honestly, it would have been my thing regardless of Kylie Jenner existing and lip crazes being a thing. I may be a bit of a makeup/fashion hipster because I’ve never left the 90’s and don’t plan on leaving either. The Brody Dalle makeup look with an oversized men’s flannel material flannel (it’s sad that I have to specify) and I am set for life. Don’t worry, I hate me too and will go hop off my high horse. Although, I did ride horses before it was cool too. So there’s that. Here’s proof.


My bad, I just went ham. First picture was the horse I had prior to getting too sick to ride/care for le pone. He was my soul mate. Just an amazingly sweet animal and ironically he was an off the track thoroughbred named Lifes Rough. Which was fitting for both of us and he helped me become a better person. Wow, so this went in a totally different direction than originally planned, but this is how ADD I am in real life so I feel like leaving it in is a good show of my personality… or something. Product reviews coming soon!!!


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