Lime Crime: Venus Palette

[Insert heavy breathing followed by high pitched squealing]

Sorry about the shittier than normal picture quality. It looks as though the actual decent pictures I took didn’t actually transfer over and the camera has already been formatted so they are obviously dead. RIP. Never even got to make their debut. I also may have fallen asleep between the swatching and photographing stages and maybe transferred a bit of the first two colors onto my upper arm. They still look great imo, so no big deal. Anyways, lets get to the point.

From what I’ve heard, this palette is NOT limited and though it sold out in the first 3 days it WILL be restocking. That’s great news for everyone! Although I would not call these shades ‘grunge’ they are overwhelmingly beautiful and can create an endless array of looks. The shadows swatch out beautifully and for the most part have a silky feel to them accompanied by very high pigmentation. The pigmentation is so high by the way that some of the shadows can leave a stain behind. I’m guessing if you use a base or two the staining issue can be eliminated.


All in all this is a great little palette and at $42 dollars I highly suggest it. I can see this quickly becoming a staple for me personally.


 Wow those are dark, but you get the idea. These are all one swatch on bare skin as I usually roll. Crazy pigment. I was also surprised by which ones ended up being my favorite out of the bunch. Shell, aura, and rebirth are my favorites and they all are colors you need to see in person. Although I love Muse, I think I was looking for something a little different and this isn’t it. I really truly love all of these colors though. I am just having a really hard time finding the perfect matte burgundy/maroon color to use to make myself look like a junkie sometimes.

Anyways, definitely check it out when it pops back up in stock. You probably will not be at all disappointed. While you’re at it the velveteens are worth notice as well.

I may not post much for awhile based on the fact that I have a ton of makeup I haven’t put on my face yet because I’ve been too ill. Once I start decorating my face again or acquiring more cosmetics I shall return to makeup posts. I may start posting a bit more about other things for a bit or maybe even other products I have had for a bit, but haven’t made their way onto the blog yet. That would at least give me something to do if I get super bored. Who knows? We’ll see! I’d like to start vlogging too, but that’s going to have to wait till I can bathe more frequently. For safety reasons, duh. I’m going to go be sick and dizzy now.

Huggles and smooches 4 da babbies.

PS. Here’s a picture of my bun (Sir Pooticus Hoppicus or just ‘Poot’, whatever) when he was a babby to hold you over until next time I return. May everything in your life be baby bunnies.



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