Things I Found on the Internet Today Nov. 19, 2014

BlackMilk Clothing has made a white version of their Burned Velvet Maxi Dress. I have been lusting after the black one since 2011 and I have no idea why I haven’t taken the plunge and added it to my BlackMilk collection. It’s time. The white one is almost more magical in a way and I can definitely see myself paring it with my Jeffery Campbell White Iridescent Pegasus Shoes. Mother Faerie is always a good look and brings all the woodland creatures to the meadow imo.

These are the shoes I was talking about. You may be able to find them on Ebay. It doesn’t seem like a lot of people actually cared about them so I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find them. I got mine for a little over $30 on clearance from Karmaloop awhile ago.

Besides that, I spent the majority of the day asleep so I haven’t gotten much interneting in beyond checking MUA on reddit, checking youtube, and instagram for peoples FOTDs. I like to berate myself over how I’ll never have other people’s talent no matter how much I practice to get my day started and the self loathing flowing. Oh, and I checked io9 because I don’t go a day without my nerd news. I’m also a fan of Jezebel. Yep, I’m a feminist. Nope, not a misandrist. An egalitarian who realizes the importance of calling it feminism, but that is a story (RANT) for another day.

Huggles to All!


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