Cyber Monday Beauty Deals! GO NOW!

  • is offering the Electric Palette + a travel size 24/7 glide on pencil in perversion for $35… $29.40 if you use the code UD20. Snag that bitch and come back to read more. Free shipping.
  • is offering the Lorac Pro and the Lorac Pro 2 for $31.50 each. Each order placed today will also be given a eyelash curler worth $10 while supplies last. Free shipping.
  • has 40% off BUT almost everything is sold out and people are having trouble completing their orders due to a glitch with the payment process, although people have said using the paypal option works. Free shipping after $25.
  • has 40% off AND has most of the NYX products I was looking for anyways. If you are having trouble with Nyx’s site or finding what you wanted they’re the next best thing. Free shipping after $40.
  • Jesse’s Girl, Tarte, Too Faced, Ulta, etc. All have various stuff going on.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills!!! I forgot about them, the contour palette is available for 25% off and usually they have free shipping after $25 so you should be set with the palette alone since it is normally $40. That would b a good grab as well since there is such a wonderful range of colors that suit different skin tones. Get on it!

Sorry I’m not more help but I haven’t been feeling too well. Normal Ehlers-Danlos type stuff, mixed with dizzy spells, light headedness,SO much pain, and more joints popping out of their homes than normal. I had to put my hip back in the joint 4 times last night and my shoulder twice. Such a weird disease. I’m over it. Anyways, hope everyone of you is doing amazingly and if not, I will send you some good luck and huggles so you can feel better. If you’re doing well you can have the good luck and huggles too. Everyone needs more of both of those things. Happy Monday and Shopping!!


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