2015 New Arrivals in Palettes

Kat Von D Inner*Stellar
Hourglass Modernist Palette (I don’t know it’s name yet)
Click here
Tarte Tartelette Palette

How about them apples?? That Hourglass palette amiright?? Holy shiz. The tarte palette may still have early access if you go check it out, but I do not believe it is still available. Did I mention the fact that it is ALL matte? That’s right bb, that lil lady is 100% sparkle free gloriousness. PS-KVD4lyf $$$

Peace, love, & huggles.

Expect my next post to come today or tomorrow. It may be slightly disturbing, but I need to share it. Dream blog post coming asap. I think I’ll name it Polish Gum Fetishists.


4 thoughts on “2015 New Arrivals in Palettes

  1. Kaily

    I’m never going to be able to overcome my palette addiction if they keep releasing stuff! Ah! So I hear there is supposed to be a Too Faced Chocolate Bar II and TheBalm supposedly is working on a travel friendly palette. What’s a girl to do!! Thanks for the heads up 🙂 Don’t forget to enter the giveaway I have up! It’s running till the 21st 🙂


    1. slutoverlord Post author

      I know! I had to promise not to buy anymore makeup for a bit after I bought the Vice LTD the other day, we’ll see how long that lasts. Palettes are life. I’d love to see some better pictures of the Too Faced Semi-Sweet, everything I’ve seen has been filtered to death! Thank you for the heads up on the giveaway, I need to sit down and catch up on your blog, right now!

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