Always Be Polite With Customer Service!!!

No matter what contain your frustrations and refrain from being an asshole or a manipulator (you know, poor me, the thing I wanted, I’m such a good customer, hint hint give me free shit). Chances are if you had a mess up, a ton of other people did too. Chances are a few if not most of those people took shitty attitudes with their customer service representative because only peasants work customer service and they are there to be treated like shit so you can get free shit. I worked customer service before I got too sick to do an actual job. Dat peasant lyfe. Lyv2serv. Etc. It sucks and honestly if you act like a grown ass adult with manners I will give you whatever you want  because your kind is so rare that you actually deserve nice things. Here! Take all of the nice things!!

Anyways, I never received my Beauty Insider $15 off of $50 from Sephora. Contacted Sephora after reading TONS of dick comments on their FB page. People will lose their shit over discounts. They will also lie, cheat, and steal for more discounts no matter how big or how small. Go read their wall and come back if you don’t believe me. Anyways contacted them, apologized for potentially wasting their time since I didn’t know if I was actually eligible, they were awesome and explained all the things I needed and were very profesh. Mad profesh even. Then I sign in to make some purchases and low and behold they actually hooked this pleb up with the vib rouge $25.

Moral of the story: Don’t be a dick. Maybe you’ll get $25 extra bucks to support your habit.

I am not supposed to be spending money, but that Kat Von D InnerStellar Palette is giving me issues.


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