Dilemma of LIFE! Halp. srs. srsly. halp!

My anus is bleedinggggg!!! But more importantly than all of that do I pick Nars Train Bleu, OCC Black Metal Dahlia, OR the Hello Kitty 40th Palette that is now on sale. I just saw the swatches and it has some really nice “Jenn” colors. Oh, ps. I may be Jenn. That is what my SO calls random, bright and slightly shiny colors and it’s now a really good adjective to describe what I look for in a non neutral (neutrals should be comparable to bodily fluids, diarrhea warm brown, etc).

My thinking is that the lip sticks will be there, but the palette is limited. But if I start doing videos… No one has the Hello Kitty Palette so I can’t use it. Le sigh. Vut to das. Vampy mouf? Sparkle, blood pony mouf? Or secret colors for me alone? I’m going to sleep on it. This $25 is burning a hole in my pocket I am horrible with this stuff. I am not an adult. There is a reason my fiance manages our finances. Plus, it’s boring anyways and he is forever my dinner and money butler.

Misandry! …or something. Smash ’em in the balls, take all ‘es moneys. I have no idea what is happening. I haven’t slept and I think I may be at the legally insane part of sleep deprivation. Goodnight. PS: Help me spend my money. Give me ideas on what to pick for >$26 at Sephora. I’m like NW10 w/brown eyes and an ostrich head because I shaved off most of my hair and have a weird greasy mohawk thing. I guess it’s a pixie hawk. Ostrich hawk. That would have to b one big fucking hawk oh my fucking god, nightmares. Oh yeah dark brown hair w/purple. It was all purple, but then lazy and sick happened. So now it’s like 5 inches of roots. More nightmares, I know. Sorry. I’ll go think about my crimes against beauty.


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