German Gum Fetishists

Okay, so I stated this blog out to be a smorgasbord (holy balls!! I just spelled that right!!) of ALL the things I enjoy slash that go on in my life. Makeup just kind of took over because it thinks it’s better than everything else… Which it is, but still. So rude. One of the things in my life is that when I’m asleep, my illness related issues are not. This means I get huge doses of adrenalin while I’m sleeping that lead to extremely vivid dreams. Vivid dreams + warped imagination = my SO of 8 years even asking me what the fuck is wrong with me after I tell him the  adventures I’ve been having in my sleep.

I guess we’ll get into this story. I’ll try to switch from scene to scene as smoothly as I can, but with dreams sometimes there are bits that skip or don’t make sense in story form. Most of this one played out so smoothly I thought this was legit happening to me and I could feel everything. I woke up feeling everything. Brains are freaking weird. This will be a pretty rough draft since I really don’t want to write this as an actual story. I’m just trying to get it out of my head and somewhere I can look back and be like… What. So.. Let’s do this.

Trigger Warning: Kidnapping, implied rape, drugs, nudity, etc.

The sound of someone coming down the stairs wakes me from a deep sleep. Before I open my eyes I take in the surroundings of a talk show lightly muttering in the background. My body feels so heavy and I wonder how much I drank last night and how I got to my boyfriend’s house. Naked, I realize my vagina feels extremely raw and just plain banged up to the point that I wonder if any other drugs where involved in my shenanigans last night. I lazily rub my tongue over my gums not only realizing that I don’t have get control of my tongue, but my gums are also swollen fat over my teeth. When I try to force my body to wiggle under me I realize the feeling is very similar to that one time someone slipped something in my drink. No matter how hard I struggled the actual resulted movement was minuscule in comparison to the force of will behind it.

Finally, I start to break through the haze a little bit and turn my head to realize I’m not at my boyfriends and that I’m with some random girl. The fear that I cheated on my boyfriend runs through my head only for a second until I see her open her eyes and look behind me with a look of terror on her face. I realized then that neither of us is anywhere we thought we were and continue to wonder what the fuck led to this. My memory of the night before is completely blank.

The other girl clearly saw something she didn’t like and starts looking around the room, but her movements are sluggish and she has clearly been drugged as well. I struggle to turn my head to the side and notice we’re on a large bed in a living room right next to a small kitchen. There is a slightly hunched woman who by her white hair and posture appears to be in her 60s. The woman is paying no attention to us and is bustling about while preparing some sort of meal.

My fellow hostage has found a phone next to her side of the bed and is hunched over it dialing as fast as she can. I notice there is also a phone placed right next to my side of the bed as well. It’s weird that there is a phone next to both sides of the bed, but I choose to dial 911 instead of focus on the strangeness of the situation since there is something very clearly wrong going on here. As the phone starts to ring I notice that there is also ringing in the house and it goes on forever until a man arrives with a glass of orange juice from the other side of the kitchen. I realize that the phones are somehow wired to make all calls go right back to the house. So no matter who I tried to call I would have ended up only getting through to the house.

I was scared before, but now I can feel my fight  or flight response start to kick in. This tall, thin, white haired man is only smiling at me with the small glass of orange juice outstretched to me. I take it and put it on the little table next to the bed. Next the stout little woman who was working in the kitchen comes over and looks at us girls in a motherly way and begins to explain to us that we will be having a dentist appointment today so we need to drink our juice. She then explains to us in a heavy German accent that the dentist will be doing our procedures here in the house and that we will need plenty of pain killers. She goes on, becoming more and more excited, that we will both be having our teeth removed so that they can lick them. Meaning that they wanted our teeth removed so they could lick our gums. Making me then realize that would be why my gums were so sore and inflamed.

The man and the woman then go off towards the front of the house and leave me and the other girl alone. We seem to be on the first floor of a house. Our creepy captors headed toward the door which we can see through an open doorway. To my right is a slim kitchen that opens to the dinning room. I start getting out of bed to see if I can stand. I’m aware of my nudity and the pain between my legs, but the fear pumping through me is running the show at this point.

I’m on my feet when the woman comes back into the room. She seems thrilled that I’m on my feet and starts coming toward me so I instinctively start backing up ending up in the small kitchen. Being hyper aware of my surroundings I see a large semi-pointed spoon and grab it in my weak fingers and try to conceal it by pressing it against my thigh. The woman had looked to check on the other girl giving me just enough time to grab my new weapon. Unfortunately the other girl seemed to be having a bit of a breakdown after learning about having her teeth removed and was frozen in place with tears streaming down her face.

As the woman comes into the kitchen I go to make my move only to be stopped by the man coming in after her and shaking his head at me. He shows me a much larger knife of his own and tells me to drop it. I do as he says and back up farther into a dinning room table causing the place settings to jostle a bit. The man continues walking towards me and I find myself peeing a little bit as I find myself trapped in a corner between two walls and the dining room table. The man smiles at me and tells me not to worry and that it’s perfectly normal. He says it happens all the time with the other girls and that he’ll be perfectly happy to clean it up.

He starts rattling off my name and social security number. I’m mystified as to how he has this information and how he got it. The night before is still completely blank and I can’t even remember how far back I can remember. When he gets to my date of birth he says 89 and I tell him he’s wrong. For some reason I tell him I was born before that and he looses the happy face. He starts speaking in another language to the woman and she fires back angrily. Something seems to be wrong and he goes into the kitchen and they continue the argument there.

I come out from the corner and find my way back into the space between the dinner table and a fancy cabinet filled with silver and fine china. There’s a canister of cleaning fluid or something and a rag and a bunch of silver dinner knives on the cabinet. I grab a dinner knife and back into a living room making sure not to make a noise as I can see the front door if I turn my head. Unfortunately the man comes back in and hastily grabs the canister and rag and makes a dash straight for me as I make my break for it. Fight takes over and I go to take a stab at him, but my reflexes are still off causing him to grab my wrist before I’m able to strike him. He flips my arm behind my back and uses his other hand to bring the rag over my nose and mouth. My senses are assaulted by chemicals before everything goes back again.

Yeah, so that is the dream I had. That shit was not right at all. It was so vivid that I had a panic attack when I woke up. Totally starting to think 1.) I’m insane and 2.) I may need professional help. Sorry if you actually read this. I’m not a great author and this is probably the first story I’ve written since 10th grade.

So yeah. Gum licking fetish, anyone? Would it be better to remove the teeth or keep em in? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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