Urban Decay’s VICE LTD

I am SO excited to be sharing this with you guys! This palette is ‘Sold Out’, but has appeared back on Urban Decay’s site once or twice since it’s launch and you may be able to find someone on Ebay who isn’t a dick… but good luck. Getting a hold of this palette was a challenge, but thankfully it was worth it.

This is one of my favorite palettes of the year. Yes a few of the more glittery shades feel gritty.. because duh. Glitter! But all in all I was very please with application and pigmentation. Blitz and Roadstripe should be available in UD’s regular pot size as they are hands down two of the most important colors to exist. I’d say Laced is also very important, but I am honestly about a NW15 in skin tone so it’s an absolute perfect all over shade for me. I’ll stop talking now because I’m sure you’ve already scrolled past all my random typing and looked at the swatches. I’ll also admit that that is the part that matters and I should definitely shut up and get to them sweet, sweet sparkles. Also, Floss exists, but I already have a boner and I’m not trying to get off till the end of this post so we’re not going to talk about it right now. Okay? Lets get this thing going.

This is how it arrived. In a bubble package. I was horrified, especially after reading how other people’s arrived shattered due to the packaging. Luckily, no harm no foul. That’s me covering up my address and possibly showing off my unbitten nails. DAS RIGHT. No bite. Bad.

This is the Urban Decay Vice LTD. Welcome to it’s face. The lighting is shitty because it was 10:30 at night and I have no self restraint when it comes to playing with new makeup.

Dat ass doe! Amirite?!

First row across:

Nameless Medium taupe satin
Backdoor Cool dark brown matte
Deeper Medium metallic bronze
Disco Pale metallic gold with iridescent glitter
Heat Bright metallic copper

Second row across:
Crystal Icy metallic blue shimmer****
Goddess Deep smoky blue with micro-glitter
Vaporize Medium metallic gray-taupe
Floss Deep metallic emerald with micro-glitter****
Perversion Soft black matte

Third row across:
Provocateur Icy metallic pink with micro-glitter
Hoodoo Medium metallic violet with pink shift**
Freakshow Bright purple satin
Junkshow Bright pink satin
Blitz Bright metallic gold****

Last row across:
Chase Soft metallic bronze
Last Sin Pale champagne shimmer
Roadstripe Iridescent white with blue-violet shift****
Anonymous Pale peachy cream matte
Laced Soft pink-nude matte****

Sorry about Laced, it’s super hard to see on my skin. I promise it’s there though. Anywho, this is a great palette and even greater for anyone who missed out on the of the limited edition palettes that these shadows originated from. A couple of them seem to be new? Including HooDoo and Floss as no one seems to be able to find them anywhere else which is kind of cool. Definitely would suggest getting your hands on one of these if you can. And if you can’t or had to deal with the fiasco of having your order canceled or whatever else I cannot tell you how sorry I am. Hopefully all the people who missed out on the orders they placed will be able to get their hands on one.

Any other palettes I should check out?

Coming up we have an Electric Palette review, Nars Sheer Glow, OCC Black Metal Dahlia, Kat Von D InnerStellar and some other great stuff so feel free to follow or check back soon for those babbies! I’m off to take another nap because my fatigue rules everything around me. F.R.E.A.M? Wutang.


Oh! PS! Better swatch of Lime Crimes Venus Palette
…or maybe I posted those, but I think I remember taking these so ya’ll could get a better look. I dunno, it’s my most used palette at the moment. That second color is the only crease color I need in my life anymore.


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