Sorry I’ve Been MIA!

Here’s something to make up for it!

Anastasia Beverly Hills brand new liquid lipsticks are launching 1.7.2015!!!! Look at those mother effers in all their bootiful glory. I LOVE matte liquid lipsticks, they are by far my favorite lip product and I reeeally like lip products. Excitement and glee!! Pure Hollywood, Retro Coral, the purples, the dark reds… They are all calling my name. I was a little saddened by the price point since I feel like Anastasia tends to be a little bit lower priced than a lot of the other mid-range cosmetics, but $20 is actually pretty normal for these types of products. It’ll be interesting to see how much product you get since it can very so wildly between brands. I know that Kat Von D liquid lipstick has the best price per oz ratio (plus the best formula imo).
Am I forgiven now?

Christmas and stuff wore me out. I missed out on some family and friend stuff due to being ill, but got to do some other friend and family stuff regardless of not feeling my best. All in all it was a great holiday. I take any victories as a good time and the fact that I was able to leave the house for Christmas day was a huge victory.

Okay, so I need to start catching up on messages and everything else. I have lots and lots to post about, but will keep them to myself for now to be annoying mysterious. Be back soon!


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