15 Goals for 2015

Okay, so I may be a bit late on doing the whole “resolution/new year, new me” type thing, but I usually don’t do those because it’s all just a set up for a moderate to severe shame spiral. Shame spirals are never on my to do lists. So I thought setting up a few actual achievable and realistic goals for myself might be a better idea. I tend to free ball life, but recently I’ve needed a bit more order since my fiance also enjoys free balling so when it comes to big life things we end up confused and unprepared.  I’m also horrible at setting goals for myself because I am an overachiever and extremely hard on myself. It’s also very easy for me to forget about or not factor in my illnesses at all which leads to lots of shame and sad when the failure happens.  Anywho. Let’s get on with this biznizzle.

1. Never use biznizzle in a sentence ever again. I sincerely apologize.

2. Clip the rabbit’s nails on a timely fashion and stop letting him hoard his kibbles. 1poot

3. Achieve Status: Mrs. Elope ASAP.

4.  Leech off new husband’s new health plan.
kurtislove <—Subject of my affection. My Significant Otter.

5. Move. (We’re in the process of finding an apartment, but the DC area is expensive and not everything is handicap accessible which is a butt) I’m so excited to have our own place!

6. Rheumatologist; Ehlers-Danlos treatment/rule out other issues, Geneticist; Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome-Connective Tissue Disease, Cardiologist; Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Gastro; Hernia & Possible Gastroparesis, GYN; Possible Endometriosis, Abdominal Surgery, Spine Surgeon; Cranial-Cervical Instability, Remove hardware from T4-L3 spinal fusion surgery, Neurologist; Possible Chiari Malformation & tethered cord. I have so much medical stuff that needs to start getting sorted out. I am not on any treatment for anything right now and I have no idea how I am functioning to be honest. It’s also kind of scary to look at some of these things. I’ve been putting off a lot of this stuff out of fear of surgery.
hospital HIVES nosetube myarmhospitalthings Life.

7. Explore more Indie Makeup brands!!! I’ve got my eyes on Shiro, Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, and so many more.

8. More Duo chromes. Tri chromes. I will be so ethereal by 2016 that I will become a fairy by duo chrome eye shadow osmosis.
IMG_0303 See that middle swatch? That is Road Stripe by Urban Decay and it is perfection.

9. Work on setting realistic goals and having realistic expectations.. For everything.

10. Read more books. I’ve been having trouble reading (which is why I don’t proof read my posts, sorry about it) but I’m loving audio books. I can do so many things at once while listening to an audio book and that is magical. My book intake suffered last year and I’d like to get back to reading 50+ books a year.
bookies I love you, you wonderful nuggets of adventure!!!!

11. Catalog more of my makeup looks. I’m really interested to see how much I improve over the next year.
copycopcyhwf electricinsp avantgardemaonster blacksmokeyeyewithlighteyelinerGoals!

12. Practice makeup on myself or others at least 2x a week. Whole face not necessary and a face chart can be exchanged for those days if it’s a day where I cannot sit up or walk.

13. Cut down on the sugar. It causes inflammation, which I have a lot of, and I’d like to help my body out as much as possible to avoid going back on narcotic pain medication.
1cluster 1velvetice Bye, My Beloved 😦

14. Cut out known allergens. I’m looking at you high fructose corn syrup and corn products. 😦 It’s in everything, but my eczema is not having it these days. So itchy!
newobsess These were so good, but made me so itchy. Maybe 1 more box….

15. Try to blog more and once I move start vlogging. Youtube, I shall be all up in you.

I think that’s a pretty good list. Hopefully it won’t be too tough to keep up with these things. Getting married is work even when you plan to elope. Moving is work. This whole thing is making me sleepy, but it is 2am for me (when I’m writing this, will post much later). I have slept all day, but… fatigue! It rules everything around me. Actually cash does, but you wouldn’t know about CREAM would you? Yeah, I’m going to sleep. Being tired makes me more not brain good than normal.



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