Lime Crime Velveteens Back in Stock!!!!!

I just wanted to pop in and let anyone else who may have been lurking Lime Crime for the velveteens that they are back in stock!! Everything apart from Utopia is available at this time. I plan on picking up Utopia and Salem in my next order, but this time around I grabbed Wicked, Cashmere, and Pansy. I have Red Velvet and Pink Velvet and though I like the Kat Von D formula more, I find myself wearing my Velveteens more. I also have some of the Stila Stay All Days, which are also very nice. Can never have too many matte liquid lipsticks imo. They are perfect and the fact that they don’t transfer is amazing because it means my fiance doesn’t have to deal with lipstick on his mouth, cheeks, etc. Whoa, not etc. Too much. NO! Just no. I didn’t mean for the etc. to go that far, I honestly can’t give you advice on the etc. I don’t know. I’m sure someone out there does though. I have failed you, I must turn in my crown and step down as the Overlord of Sluttiness. I have failed you all.

One day… I shall regain my crown. You’ll see!!!!

Okay, anyways. Those are up. Get them before they are out of stock forever and ever again.


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