Lime Crime Velvetine as eyeliner?

I think the first time I saw this done was a reddit post, but since then I have seen several makeup artists on youtube use Lime Crime’s velvetines as eye liner. I was worried about the fact that the pigments used/the product is not technically ‘eye safe’, but honestly… What is safe anyways? The idea really intrigued me because the texture seemed like it would be easily controllable and the colors are unlike anything else I have in my make up arsenal.


The above photo is what I tried today. I really need better lighting, the lights where above me so they lightened the shadow in my crease and my brows, but this isn’t about that. I wore this look for about 5 hours with absolutely NO irritation (except the black liner, but I’ll get to that), which is surprising because I am sensitive to just about everything.

I used Red Velvet and a random paintbrush I’ve taken from my art supply box and re-purposed for liner to draw the easiest wing of my life. I did start with a base of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics eye/lip liner in NSFW to mark out what I wanted and get it as close as possible to the lash line. Then, I used Urban Decay’s 24/7 liquid liner in perversion to draw the black line. I HATE this product. It was rolling around in a box and since my gel liner isn’t creamy anymore it was the next best bet…. Ugh. You can probably see why I didn’t like it by the photo. I found it easy enough to use, but it clumps and kind of shrinks? as it dries. I can 100% see why it has been discontinued. To tightline, I used OCC’s tarred liner, which I really really like. I have a hard time keeping anything in the waterline, but if I set this one with black eyeshadow (used UD perversion eyeshadow) it stays on pretty well. Mostly I love how absolutely easy it is for me to make straight lines with these liners. They are the perfect hardness, yet they still deposit product with a bang.

Pro tip: Wait till wet products dry to fix any mistakes and keep makeup remover on hand for things that are waterproof as fuuuuh. I’m looking at YOU LC Red Velvet. It’ll tint your concealer a very pretty pink color though.

Next time I will also make sure to use a black liner I know won’t cause me any issues. I’m actually considering getting LC’s Black Velvet because these LAST. This picture was about 5 hours of wear, right before I cleaned face for the night. Oh! I mayyy do a face routine thing soon since my skin is starting to look pretty fly. People are into that kind of thing right? I got the weird collagen issues, but skin is skin even if mine is weird, baby grandma skin.

Okay, so that’s my little makeup adventure for today. I’ve also been experimenting with ‘colored’ brows to match the purps in my hair… and soon to be pinks in my hair. I’m pretty sure that once I start getting back on medication and shit since I am currently free balling it without any healthcare what-so-ever that I’d like to go back to school for makeup. It’s something I should have done 10 years ago when I first even though about it, but was too caught up in actually being able bodied and following my dreams of cleaning up horse poo for the rest of my life.

That was really my dream btw. Fun Fact: Dropped out of high school for several reasons, but one was so I could go clean horse butts instead. I got my GED and later got certified in Equine Nutrition because I wanted to work with horse rescues. So, I’m not a total failure, just a little bit. And I smell like pone butts.

<3Huggles & Stalking You Via WordPress Tiem,

Lemme know all of your questions, comments, concerns, etc. Okay, bye.


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