Lime Crime Credit Card Fraud; And other assorted issues.

Will I continue to support this company? Nah.
Will I still use what I have? Yes, I paid for it ya dummy, but you won’t see anything about them on my blog from here on out. Well, maybe if someone else takes over and starts doing things right. I might support an overhaul of the company.

If they had handled the credit card fraud thing like a normal company and not like a bunch of prepubescent school girls I may still be supporting them. I do love their products and I have bought things from worse places… Like Walmart or Forever21. BUT, I have some serious issues with a company that isn’t going to back their customers, call them dumbasses, delete their comments and concerns, nope. Not for me, thanks.

Anywho, here’s the Class Action Lawsuit

I did have attempts made on my cards and had to cancel said cards. Which meant we had to go without for a week. It’s not nearly as bad as the girl who had her 10k student loan stolen and can’t go to school now or any of the other various horror stories. If you want more info, please google Lime Crime and just read and make an assessment for yourself. Don’t take Encyclopedia Dramatica seriously, that site is satire meant to flame people. Some stuff is made up or has zero proof backing it, so you really do need to assess the situation for yourself. I’m pretty butthurt about this considering how much I loved the products, but that CEO is a train wreck.

Someone should swoop in and buy the company now, maybe leaving Doe Deere as a creative director, but I feel like that is even too much at this point. No leadership roles for Doe.


Just wanted to put that out there. If anyone is looking for dupes there is an instagram @limecrimedupes that is really active and has a lot of great ideas!


3 thoughts on “Lime Crime Credit Card Fraud; And other assorted issues.

    1. slutoverlord Post author

      The whole thing is such a mess and I feel so bad for hyping them now. I really do love their products, but the fact that they had known about the security breach since Oct. 2014 and only did something at the end of Feb. is just unforgivable. Along with deleting people’s accounts of what happened to them. It’s just so wrong. Now I need to find me some good dupes. Praise, Kat Von D and Jeffree Star for having liquid lipstick lines or I’d probably need to seek help for my addiction.

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