Jeffree Star (714) and Queen Supreme Liquid Lipsticks on DollsKill RIGHT MEOW

Jeffree Star’s new limited edition shades (714) and Queen Supreme are both up (along with Redrum) on RIGHT NOW. The lipsticks officially launch on his site on 3/13 for this coming Friday, but if you’re like me and scared about how quickly they usually sell out on his site you can pay a few extra doll hairs for shipping so you can get your hands on them now.

Thought I’d pass this along for those of you that are trying to burn off the rage from LimeCrime. Giving my money to a rival company seems like a great way to get over my current sads over the fact that Riot has just launched and it took every bit of self control I have (there is almost none, but yes, I do have some) to not actually buy it. The color just looks so gorgeous and I love the formula, but UGH! Never again.

The J.Star ones are GORGEOUS colors for spring and I’m thinking about getting a few others along with trying out the Anastasia ones. I see you Sad Girl. But yes, I’m really digging pastels right now.


This is all I’ve got for right now. I have a bunch of stuff I need to post about. I have a bunch of stuff in the mail. I have a lot to make up to you guys for disappearing as much as I have. Maybe I can make it up to you guys with a vlog instead of a blog post. It seems like the natural route to take since I watch as much Youtube as I do. My only issue would be finding a place to film from since my current area is so cramped. So, maybe I can review these when they get here or maybe I can just rip into them and try them out right away like the uncivilized savage I am and then tell you about it later.

We’ll see.

<3Huggles to ya’ll Muggles.


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