How to Hair for Cousin:

How to Hair:

I personally have to lighten my hair with bleach and then tone the brassiness out with toner. You may not have to do that considering how fair your hair is, but depending on any lowlights you may have or what colors you’d like to use you may need to lighten it. The stages of bleaching look like dis:

I use the kind of bleach you have to mix with developer.
The bleach I’ve used in the past you can find online or at Sally’s Beauty Supply (google that ish, there should be one near you or something similar).

You will have to mix the bleach with developer, I always end up needing to use vol. 40 due to having nearly black hair. Know that this is very damaging to your hair so make sure you follow the directions on the label and use a good conditioner before and after.  The developers can be found at the same stores as the bleach and toner.  Once again, since your hair is so light you probably wouldn’t need to get your hair much lighter than it already is so you shouldn’t need more than a 20 volume, but I guess if you really are feeling murderous you can go for a 30 volume for some overkill.
Pro tip: Put conditioner in your hair before you lighten your hair and leave it in for the bleaching process, this cuts down on damage.
The one I use looks like this:
Pro tip: Sally’s has it for like 2 dolla.

When you bleach your hair it will turn ORANGE then YELLOW then lighter yellowish. Lighter yellowish is ideal, but depending on the color you want (think color theory or this:  ) this may not be necessary, but I do find getting it as light as possible helps the most. Toner is used to tone out that ORANGE or YELLOW or the lighter yellow to bring you to a nice pretty white or platinum blonde. I use Wella T18 (White Lady) it’s about $6 doll hairs and it works wonderfully, I’m thinking you may be able to skip the bleach and just tone, but I’m not sure since I can’t physically see your hair and inspect it like a bonobo monkey.
The toner looks like this:
Ok so now the fun part!
I personally use pravana to dye my hair as I’ve found the color payoff to be some next level shit. The only down side is that it’s a salon only product so you can only find it on Amazon and Ebay from the kind kind souls who sell it like some black market shit for us plebs.
It looks like this:
Now, this may be a bit of a hassle/not worth waiting for if you don’t want to and that is fine! There are tons of other brands that work great with a little extra work. Manic Panic is a great one for instance. Make sure to section your hair and work in small sections with a dye brush (or hands, I’ve done it because I am a monster like that) you could tinfoil off the sections, but that takes work that nobody has time for. Once it’s on your head you can leave it on your head for HOURS which helps it seep in, if you want you can do this over your natural hair it could probably totally work. If I don’t have hours to leave it on my head I’ll wrap my head in a plastic bag and put heat on it for 30 minutes with a blow drier. This helps trap the heat in and speeds up the processing time.

Make sure to wash your hair as little as possible and invest in a good dry shampoo and a conditioning mask if you can. I really like the It’s a 10 conditioning hair mask for my bleached hair, but it is a bit pricey.  I’m sure you can find a dupe for it online or maybe something similar. Washing your hair in cold water also helps keep the color in for longer, unfortunately the fun colors only come in demi permanent dyes. But hey! They aren’t damaging so that’s a plus!

Let me know if you have any questions after this, I’m sure I forgot something.

Oh yeah, blah blah going to professional will result in the best bleaching/dye job blah blah. While it’s true, it’s expensive, takes time, and not everyone can do the thing. But it’s a good disclaimer. If you’d like the name of a professional there is one near you who I HIGHLY recommend. Katie at PR at Partners in Shirlington on the other side of the highway from you guys. She’s a wizard.


3 thoughts on “How to Hair for Cousin:

  1. Kaily

    Nice to see you back! I had my hair died “blond” by a pro once and it came out orange. I was 18 and too dumb to know the difference. Wish I woulda had this post then lol I would have done it myself!

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