Fair Olive Skin with Cool Undertones? Wat.

It’s a thing.

That could be the end of my blog post, but I guess I’ll go more in depth.

We’ll start with a description of my skin. I am definitely cool toned. Yellowed foundations make me look like I swallowed a whole jar of aspirin the day before, but the more pink toned cool foundations also tend to be a little off as well. In contrast to the pink toned foundations I tend to look a bit gray/green. I tan easily despite how fair I am (13-15NW in MAC terms) and my tan is GRAY. It’s actually a nice color, but it is clearly a very muted skin tone mixed with a bunch of grey. The whole grey tan thing makes fake tan look SUPER weird on me because they’re usually so orange based while I need something with a little bit more green or grey in it.

Quite some time ago my mom took my sister and I to a stylist who color matched us to foundation and figured out what seasons we were. The stylist was a lovely older woman who had been doing this job for a very long time and she told me out of all her years I was the hardest person she’s had to match foundation to (besides her own daughter). She matched me to a porcelain with pink added to it and it’s honestly the closest I’ve been able to come to a match. I was also pegged as a Deep Winter and that is so dead on it’s crazy. I highly suggest finding out your season. I usually only buy clothes from my color scheme now and it makes sure everything I buy looks great on me even if I end up getting bored of it in two days, which is the standard for me. Maybe I’ll do a post on that.

I’m tired now and don’t want to type anymore. I just wanted people to know that very fair cool olive tones are a thing. I has it. My mission is to find some foundations that will match people suffering of this cool olive blight. Here’s a couple pictures of things… Notice how under skin tones it says olive… I will use this as proof that I know what I’m talking about, but don’t quote me on any of this. I’ll do a better post on this with more intelligence and possibly science later about warm vs. cool olive skin tones since it seems to be a big ol’ question mark in the sky for most of us.


Looking at these totally makes me want to dye my hair silver too. I’d make such a foxy grandma.

Huggles to you and yours,
Overlord out.


2 thoughts on “Fair Olive Skin with Cool Undertones? Wat.

  1. Ann

    Im too very fair(NW5) cool olive with natural black hair and eyes (and aparentely I look Asian even to Asian people but I’m Mexican with any Asian heritage) and is like we don’t exist!!

    As is not enough been so pale and that in my country mean not foundation as they never bring the lightest shades of foundation (not like they will suit me aparentely being NW5 is too ligh? ) the cool olive just complicate a lot more everything!

    I’m a make up lover, I really love make up but is very sad that nothing suit me as warm or even “neutral”(that make the bulk of available shades in my country) colors look so bad on me, maybe because my cool undertones are to prevalent? to complicate all more my skin bring any undertone to full color so brown is like a forbidden color for me as most of the time it has orange,red,purple,warm pink and yellow undertones, so brown with orange undertone can go to peachy to cooper on me and brown pink = terracotta, even the taupe browns go well brown and very warm on me 😦 is so complicated


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