Untried Polish Challenge No. 1 One Color

Oh, hi there. I haven’t been around a lot… Or at all. The short story is that I haven’t been feeling well enough to wear makeup so I stopped spending money on it. Unfortunately, I get tired about halfway through applying makeup and decide it’s time for a nap. Shout out to the Chronic Fatiguers out yonder in the interwebs. Makeup blogging is a lot of fun, but it’ll have to sit on the back burner until I figure out my life and start getting the help I need for my Ehlers-Danlos, Dysautonomia, Gastroparesis, Failed Back (thanks Scoliosis/Spinal fusion surgery), and all the other issues I’m letting sit to stew because I’m trash. No worries! Things are moving along, it just takes time and money to life as an adult.

To maintain some semblance of normalcy I’ve taken up a healthy infatuation with nail polish. Not only is it great for distracting me for about an hour, it’s super for hiding my ‘snacks’ I like to keep under my fingernails for later in case hunger strikes! So, this brings us to my cover picture. I found a ton of these nail polish challenges while looking for something to do to make me feel like I was accomplishing something. This one by Justaddpolish.com looks great since I have a bunch of polishes that I’ve swatched, but have yet to wear.

So let’s begin! Excuse the large file size, my fiance is fixing my Mac and I didn’t want to edit with this software because I’m a brat. The lighting will be better for the next set of photos as well. Pro Tip: Daylight light bulbs look a lot better for product shots on a budget.

OPI’s Squeaker of the House from this fall’s Washington DC Collection.


Honestly, I bojangled on this little buddy because I was scared of brown. I got it because I thought it looked super classy on other ladies, but then I remembered that I am an actual living dumpster and ‘class’ is an unattainable dream for this McDonald’s Alleyway Dumpster Trash Fire™.

The polish is great. I actually did feel pretty classy with this polish on. This is 2 coats with shiny top coat. Despite this yellow lighting, I felt like the polish had an almost purple undertone to it that was flattering on my cool toned skin. The formula was opaque and easy to use. She also self-leveled really well.

Some personal, yet relevant, nail details: I use the 3 swipe method with all polishes and tend to float my brush over the nail. Thicker formulas appeal to me because I feel like they tend to be easier to control than thinner, runnier polishes. Even if the polish is a one coater I’ll do 2 coats because it ‘feels right’. Generally, I top out at 3 coats, but I’ll do 4 for a color that I feel strongly about. I rarely use basecoat and will disclose if I do (my nails are yellow because of this laziness). I also tend to always use a shiny top coat even if I choose to wear a polish matte because it prolongs my wear time. Wear time doesn’t matter to be anymore because I tend to do my nails every day to every other day now. I chip so quickly with every formula that that is about all I can get out of a polish. Lastly, I tend to gravitate towards colors that look good on a Deep Winter skin tone because I am just that extra.


There ya go. That’s number one down of the Unused Polish Challenge. Success is a few bottles of polish away! I’m super happy I decided to try this polish out and I will be experimenting more with browns now. Next up we have 2 Zoya scattered holos!


Huggles from me to you bb,


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