Untried Polish Challenge No. 3


We gots some Opi coming up. I prefer to say Opi instead of OPI. My imagination has led me to believe Opi exists (Suzi’s real name is Opi) just like Essie or Orly. This is very important for me to believe, some may even say it’s an alternative fact. You heard it here first.

I’m a relatively new collector. About a year or so ago I started finding wholesale sites geared towards nail techs and it’s been a sloppy whirlwind of late night purchases since. OPI polishes make up a pretty substantial chunk of my polishes and overall I tend to really like them. Today I have THREE bottles for you. I didn’t have to think much about what kind of manicure I wanted to do and just went straight in with my favorite the matte, skittle mani. MATTE MATTE MATTE MATTE!!! Gimme all dat matte booty.

Side note: I tend to do a layer of topcoat under my matte coat for longevity as matte nails don’t have the best wear time. The first picture is the mani with a shiny top coat. Please excuse my picture quality I’m still trying to find out how to take the best swatch photos. You’ll see some progression and changes as this challenge goes along.

Here we have OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, You’re Such a Budapest, and The I’s Have It. That is the order the appear in the picture as well.


Lucky Lucky Lavender was from OPI’s Hong Kong Collection way back in the 2010. If I had done more research and realized how old this lil feller was it would have probably won the spot of ‘Oldest Polish’. Looks like I’ve already goofed this challenge way up, we’ll just pretend I did it on purpose. He’s a slightly dusty medium pink with a splooch of purple. I prefer this in three coats since you can see ridges and streaks up until the third coat.  It looks like I forgot the third coat on my pinky which is really annoying, but this way you can see my ridges and how streaky the formula was with just two coats.

You’re Such a Budapest was from OPI’s Euro Central Collection in the Spring of 2013. This little cutie does not have the best formula but is easy to work with if you don’t mind three coats for the color. The color is right between a medium purple and a more pastel purple. Sorry, I’m not the best at describing colors, but I’m giving it a whirl.

The I’s Have It was from the more recent Alice Through the Looking Glass, brights collection in 2016. This is two coats of a perfect, buttery formula. The polish is a gorgeous light blue that has a tiny drop of purple in it that almost makes it border on a periwinkle.


Cool picture of your knuckles there, friend! Have I mentioned I can’t see? My excuses are annoying to me too, but facts is facts… Well, I don’t even know about that anymore. I think I may have just had a stroke along with an existential crisis after that statement. My mind traveled down the rabbit hole. That happens a lot recently, don’t mind me.

These look great matte. They’re all in that group of colors between pastel and medium toned that I personally really like when done matte. Although, if I’m honest I like all rich colors like this done matte these days.


I’m trying to churn a few of these posts out, but I’m really not feeling my best. Please excuse any gaps in posting. I do plan on maintaining a more regular posting schedule since I badly need something in my life that makes me feel like I am being somewhat productive and I don’t have a lot of options.

See ya never, suckers!


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