Untried Polish Challenge No. 5

It’s hard to find warm tones that suit me so it’s a little hard to find warm polishes in my stash let alone in my unused polish collection.

In my first post for this challenge, I wrote a bit about my preferences, but one of the more important things that people should be aware of is that I have very fair cool olive skin. I think that’s important for anyone who sees these colors and wonders how they may look on them as it can tend to vary by skin tone. Personally, I fall into the Deep Winter color palette so those are the colors I tend to gravitate towards most. I’ve found it makes a huge difference in how put together I look. The green in my skin can make me look kind of sick when I don’t pay attention to the colors I’m wearing.

Well, now that that tangent is out of the way. Let us get down to business.

Next up we have Zoya India for Warm. I swear I didn’t purposefully choose so many Zoya’s, but I had just bought a bunch of bottles during their 70% off sale.

Just an FYI: This is around when I dropped my clean up brush under the bed. Don’t worry another one is in the mail. Yes, I bought a new one instead of crawling under the bed. What am I, a peasant? Some kind of crawling rabbit creature? A childhood nightmare? Am I just lazy or scared of dislocating my shoulder like last time?? We’ll never know! I promise my clean up will be better* again by Prettiest or In Season.

(*) It will always be trash. This isn’t the place to come for quality bb. Just layin’ down the facts of life.


She mad pretty. This is another one where I don’t have much to say. Zoya is my favorite for a reason. India is this lovely deep red with a splash of brown and a whole bunch of gold and red flake glitters. Just all around gorgeous polish with a great formula for a sassy manicure.


This was two coats, no issues, with easy cleanup with a qtip. I’d love to figure out how to get the cuticle line straight with a cotton swab, but I think this is the best I’m going to get without a brush. These darker colors are especially noticeable around the cuticle and it makes me a bit physically uncomfortable. I’M NOT NEUROTIC, YOU’RE NEUROTIC. I used a quick dry top coat as usual.

Sounds like my fiance just woke up, he fell asleep in the bathroom. It’s 6:12 AM and he’s going to be late for work. I tried to wake him up, but he yelled at me so I left him to sleep because I’m inherently a petty bitch. Don’t date me, I’m awful.

Have a glorious life. The whole thing, not just a good day. I’m rooting for you.



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