DIY Nail Polish

A few examples of polishes I’m working on right now. The black one looks like black opals and is really exciting irl. Sorry about the mess, I honestly am putting all my effort into creativity so there is very little energies left in me for clean up. It’s amazing how tiring creating can be… But I am also fabulously lazy, so there’s that.

  1. Is a black jelly polish with opal flakies and smaller opal flakies.
  2. Is a muted neon plurple (pink-purple) crelly. The jelly effect gives it that squishy look.
  3. Is over pigmented, but I’m working that out. It’s a green/blue/pink iridescent with a scattered holo.

I have a bunch of other ones that are either fails or still being tweaked to the point that I’m not ready to show them to anyone. This is so fun. I’m really enjoying myself, but it takes a lot out of me. I can work on about one every day or two and then I need to rest. It’s a lot of work, which sounds ridiculous, I know. It’s hard to manage an illness and try to make yourself do things. I’m not gonna lie, I’m gearing up for a day nap right now.

Most of my supplies are from TKB Trading right now, but I plan to look more into Glitter Unique, Wonder Beauty, Spectraflair4u, and Art Glitter to help bulk up on samples for testing. This is def. one of my new favorite things.

Feel free to let me know if anyone wants to know more about creating your own nail polish. I will say, it’s much more frustrating than a lot of blogs tell you. It’s easy to use too much pigment or have the polish be too sheer, etc. It’s a long process of testing, color theory, and seeing what works best for you.

Peace out, fools.


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