Untried Nail Polish No.9

Thank you to the people who have liked and followed the blog! Despite doing this primarily for myself, I really like the idea of having an audience. It definitely puts a burner under me to keep creating trash content for you lovely babbins.

We’re now on #9 which is “cheapest”. This was kind of a hard one because I buy all of my polish from wholesale nail supply sites. They are all very reasonably priced. Eventually, I chose a Misa polish as you can get them for as low as $3 dollars on some sites.

Misa Touch the Rainbow is beautiful. If I could figure out how to get it to dry and not stay wet under the top coat I’d be super happy. It’s a pretty powder blue with a really cool, almost glowing shimmer throughout. That bottle is something magical to look at.


This one and the others I bought from this collection all ‘dry’ matte (at least on the first coat). It took three coats for opacity and to even out most of the streaks. These guys are a streaky mess on the first few coats. I’m honestly really disappointed. I wanted them to work out for me. My thumbnail looked great, I used pretty thick coats for that one and managed not to bonk it on anything while it was drying.


Admittedly, I am not the best nail painter, but even with three coats, you can see streaks and a bit of nail line. Perhaps I could try it again with four coats, but it would take around four Mars years to dry. Will I use it again? Yes. I am a bit of a masochist and this is honestly one of the prettiest polishes I own. I’ll try a few different techniques and see if I can get an even coat and an easier way to get it to dry without becoming a mess. It’s just so pretty.

I really really wanted to like these polishes (I got 5-6 of them). When researching if I should buy them or not I did read about some people having issues with the formula, but nothing as bad as the trouble I actually had with them. It seems that the more coats, no matter how long you wait in between them, the longer the polish takes to dry after you’ve added another. The first two coats tend to feel dry to the relatively quickly but after that, it stays wet for hours even with a fast dry top coat. Maybe the top coat reacted poorly with the formula? I use Out the Door, so maybe I’ll try it again with Seche Vite even though it’s not my favorite.

I’ll try to keep anyone who wants to know posted if my science works.

Next up we have, Most Esspence. No, I didn’t steal that for KL. I do love her though. I stole it fair and square like 10 years ago from one of my best friends. Next up is a Femme Fatale polish which is exciting because everything they create is beautiful and perfect.

Have a day! Take it and do something nice. Only one day, don’t be a greed.



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