Untried Polish Challenge No.10

Moving along nicely! Today is Most Esspencive Day. I had a little trouble with this one since I had just gotten a bunch of indies in the $10-$12 range and I wasn’t sure which I wanted to use for this one or for Prettiest. Spoiler, they’re all Prettiest.

I ended up choosing Ariel by Femme Fatale. Femme Fatale is one of my all time favorite indies, they make the most gorgeous polishes. If you haven’t heard of them I suggest taking a little break and googling for swatches. …but remember to come back, ples. I love you. Don’t leave me 😦

Ariel is a medium dusty blue shimmer with a purple duochrome. This one took me two thick coats, but I could see you needing three if you like thinner coats.

You can pick up some of my ridges in the photos, but they were not at all visible to the naked eye. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well these polishes perform for me and the colors are generally really beautiful and unique. Undoubtedly, I’ll be stocking up on more of their polishes asap.

There’s not much else to say here. We’ve got a good formula, it’s easy to use, two to three coats, and a perfect color. Next up we have Ugliest, which feels super mean to me. I don’t want to offend one of my precious beebs.

See ya later, Skankola<3



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