Untried Polish Challenge No. 11

Why you so uggos, tho, bb? JK, you are precious and I want to give you squeezins. My little orange juice babbin. Oh, shit!! I forgot! I received 500 combined likes on my posts. That’s really freaking cool and makes me feel like I made an accomplishment. Thank. Thank kindly. Thank big. Thank far. All THANK.EVERYWHERE THANK!!!!

This one was hard. I originally put on a color from Misa and then because of the issues I talked about in No. 8 Cheapest, I ended up messing up the manicure. Someday I will figure out the secrets of Misa, but today is not that day. The color also turned out to be really pretty before I slobbed it up big time. I ended up finding a mini from OPI’s Winter/Holiday 2015 Starlight collection that I had yet to experiment with.

I ended up finding a mini from OPI’s Winter/Holiday 2015 Starlight collection. I’d like to inform you that minis are the worst. Due to spasticity (possible spinal cord injury) and good old tremors, I have a bit of a handicap when it comes to applying nail polish. Some days are better than others, but minis are always an exercise in not wishing everything else in the universe would die.


Anywho, this is Is This Star Taken? It’s a silvered metallic base with holographic bar glitter. It’s beautiful in the bottle, but as the coats build up it buries the glitter which leads to an unattractive lumpy mess. I’m not a fan of under glitter at all. The idea is nice, the execution… Should never have been released (I’m so sorry if you liked it, I mean no offense!).


This polish took me three coats, but I feel like that had something to do with the bottle being a mini. A full-size bottle would be easier to manage and I’m pretty confident you could get the job done in two coats. Another negative here was that even with top coat this chipped within 12 hours of wear. After I did this mani I took a nap, then I got up, cleaned a knife, ate dinner, and went to take pictures. As you can see, I have a small chip. Which is honestly just rude. After everything this polish put me through it had the audacity to chip before I was able to take pics?! SHAME.


Welp, sorry this one has been so negative. The next post won’t be since it’s Prettiest and we all like Prettiest. Plus, the polish is reeeeal nice. Spicy. Delicious. Yum.

Now, go forth and beat it, ya creep.


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