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Untried Nail Polish No.16 FINISHED!!

I DID IT!!! I completed a whole thing! This challenge was invented by so I’d like to thank them for giving me something to do with my time. Thanks for making me feel moderately accomplished and for giving me a way to breathe life back into an old blog.

My fings are a bit ouchy so this post is probably going to be a bit short. Today I’m going to show you a polish that was a gift… Although, almost all of my polishes were gifts so I chose a real pretty one to share.

This is China Glaze Cabin Fever. Cabin Fever is a flaming red-orange with a great green and gold shift. This is now one of my all time favorite duochromes/multichromes.

I tried to get a bunch of different shots to show just how much this polish has to offer. It is truly gorgeous. The formula was a bit thin for my preference and I would pick up a lot more polish than I intended to which led to a mad dash to try to keep it from pooling into the sides. The photos show two coats, the coats on the pointer and middle fingers being a bit thicker than on the rest. It seemed to work out just fine though and I’m happy with the results. 10348% Recommend this polish.

Is there anything you’d like to see from this blog? Feel free to let me know! Thanks for sticking with me through this challenge. It’s been fun!

See ya soon!

Dupes?! China Glaze Snow Way vs OPI Oh My Majesty


It goes China Glaze Snow Way then OPI Oh My Majesty then CG then OPI. I can tell the difference, my fiance couldn’t. The CG has a bit more of a gray tone. The OPI is a bit brighter and whiter. The gold shimmer in the OPI seems to pop a little bit more. These are not dupes in my opinion. I expect dupes to be exact duplicates because the smallest differences can make the product look completely different on someone else.

IMG_0826Interchanging order – China Glaze Snow Way then OPI Oh My Majesty

These pictures were infuriatingly difficult to capture for some reason. I had to redo the shoot because almost all of them were very slightly blurry.

IMG_0829OPI Oh My Majesty followed by China Glaze Snow Way

When it comes down to it, do you need both? I’d say yes, but as I’ve said before, I’m a glutton. Deep down inside, I know that you don’t need both of these polishes. They are ridiculously similar and a little bit difficult to tell apart when on the nail.

So it comes down to which you like better. The CG dried a bit quicker, I accidently dented the OPI even though I thought it was ready to go. The formulas are a little different, but similar. The OPI has a thicker formula in comparison to the CG polish and I could see you running into Streaky Trouble-Town if you play with it too much. In the light, you can see that the gold shimmer in this one pops a bit more.The CG is a bit thinner and was a bit runny, but easy to control. They both level out really nicely, but I think if you weren’t careful about your strokes or played with the polishes too long they could possibly become streaky or ridged.

I haven’t been feeling great, but luckily have a bunch of the nail polish challenge posts backlogged and ready to post. Hopefully, there is joy to be had in extra posts. If not, I’m sorry. You should go find some joy because I say so, that’s why. If I disappear for a bit it’s because I got a new game and have turned into a vidiot for the unseen future and have forgotten about my nails. Don’t worry, it won’t last long because I have a bunch of glitter and other fun stuff on the way to make my own polishes.

Have a great rest of your weekend!!

PS- Ignore any typos, I am running on zero fuel and my brain is borked. I’m in hella smard territory and haven’t been sleeping the best.

PPS – Borked is a word!? What. It’s definitely my word and I’m going to sue the dictionary.


past tense: borked; past participle: borked; past tense: Borked; past participle: Borked
  1. obstruct (someone, especially a candidate for public office) through systematic defamation or vilification.
    ““We’re going to bork him,” said an opponent”