Untried Polish Challenge No.10

Moving along nicely! Today is Most Esspencive¬†Day. I had a little trouble with this one since I had just gotten a bunch of indies in the $10-$12 range and I wasn’t sure which I wanted to use for this one or for Prettiest. Spoiler, they’re all Prettiest.

I ended up choosing Ariel by Femme Fatale. Femme Fatale is one of my all time favorite indies, they make the most gorgeous polishes. If you haven’t heard of them I suggest taking a little break and googling for swatches. …but remember to come back, ples. I love you. Don’t leave me ūüė¶

Ariel is a medium dusty blue shimmer with a purple duochrome. This one took me two thick coats, but I could see you needing three if you like thinner coats.

You can pick up some of my ridges in the photos, but they were not at all visible to the naked eye. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well these polishes perform for me and the colors are generally really beautiful and unique. Undoubtedly, I’ll be stocking up on more of their polishes asap.

There’s not much else to say here. We’ve got a good formula, it’s easy to use, two to three coats, and a perfect color. Next up we have Ugliest, which feels super mean to me. I don’t want to offend one of my precious beebs.

See ya later, Skankola<3


DIY Nail Polish

A few examples of polishes I’m working on right now. The black one looks like black opals and is really exciting irl. Sorry about the mess, I honestly am putting all my effort into creativity so there is very little energies left in me for clean up. It’s amazing how tiring creating can be… But I am also fabulously lazy, so there’s that.

  1. Is a black jelly polish with opal flakies and smaller opal flakies.
  2. Is a muted neon plurple (pink-purple) crelly. The jelly effect gives it that squishy look.
  3. Is over pigmented, but I’m working that out. It’s a green/blue/pink iridescent with a scattered holo.

I have a bunch of other ones that are either fails or still being tweaked¬†to the point that I’m not ready to show them to anyone. This is so fun. I’m really enjoying myself, but it takes a lot out of me. I can work on about one every day or two and then I need to rest. It’s a lot of work, which sounds ridiculous, I know. It’s hard to manage an illness and try to make yourself do things. I’m not gonna lie, I’m gearing up for a day nap right now.

Most of my supplies are from TKB Trading right now, but I plan to look more into Glitter Unique, Wonder Beauty, Spectraflair4u, and Art Glitter to help bulk up on samples for testing. This is def. one of my new favorite things.

Feel free to let me know if anyone wants to know more about creating your own nail polish. I will say, it’s much more frustrating than a lot of blogs tell you. It’s easy to use too much pigment or have the polish be too sheer, etc. It’s a long process of testing, color theory, and seeing what works best for you.

Peace out, fools.

Untried Nail Polish No.9

Thank you to the people who have liked and followed the blog! Despite doing this primarily for myself, I really like the idea of having an audience. It definitely puts a burner under me to keep creating trash content for you lovely babbins.

We’re now on #9 which is “cheapest”. This was kind of a hard¬†one because I buy all of my polish from wholesale nail supply sites. They are all very reasonably priced. Eventually, I chose a Misa polish as you can get them for as low as $3 dollars on some sites.

Misa Touch the Rainbow is beautiful. If I could figure out how to get it to dry and not stay wet under the top coat I’d be super happy. It’s a pretty powder blue with a really cool, almost glowing shimmer throughout. That bottle is something magical to look at.


This one and the others I bought from this collection all ‘dry’ matte (at least on the first coat). It took three coats for opacity and to even out most of the streaks. These guys are a streaky mess on the first few coats. I’m honestly really disappointed. I wanted them to work out for me. My thumbnail looked great, I used pretty thick coats for that one and managed not to bonk it on anything while it was drying.


Admittedly, I am not the best nail painter, but even with three coats, you can see streaks and a bit of nail line. Perhaps I could try it again with four coats, but it would take around four Mars years to dry. Will I use it again? Yes. I am a bit of a masochist and this is honestly one of the prettiest polishes I own. I’ll try a few different techniques and see if I can get an even coat and an easier way to get it to dry without becoming a mess. It’s just so pretty.

I really really wanted to like these polishes (I got 5-6 of them). When researching if I should buy them or not I did read about some people having issues with the formula, but nothing as bad as the trouble I actually had with them. It seems that the more coats, no matter how long you wait in between them, the longer the polish takes to dry after you’ve added another. The first two coats tend to feel dry to the relatively¬†quickly but after that, it stays wet for hours even with a fast dry top coat. Maybe the top coat reacted poorly with the formula? I use Out the Door, so maybe I’ll try it again with Seche Vite even though it’s not my favorite.

I’ll try to keep anyone who wants to know posted if my science works.

Next up we have, Most Esspence. No, I didn’t steal that for KL. I do love her though. I stole it fair and square like 10 years ago from one of my best friends. Next up is a Femme Fatale polish which is exciting because everything they create is beautiful and perfect.

Have a day! Take it and do something nice. Only one day, don’t be a greed.


Zoya Olivera

I thought I’d dedicate a post to my favorite polish that came out last year. Here are 2 silky coats of Zoya’s Olivera from their Winter/Holiday 2016 line. I did have an excess of polish on the brush for this one, but any extra work is worth it for this kind of shade. The formula is just a little too runny, but I’m sure that will change over time and once it’s been used a few times. I’m so smitten with this polish that I’ve worn it several times since I’ve gotten it. This is a big deal for me. Even though I paint my nails almost daily, I do rotate most of my polishes and get bored of colors ridiculously easily. This leads to a lot of them only being worn a few times, especially as I get/make more to add to the collection.

Olivera has a¬†really deep hunter/forest green, navy, purple multichrome¬†shimmer kind of thing going on that I thoroughly enjoy. This collection was one of my favorites of the year, I highly recommend Alice and Saint as well. Also, Zoya’s fall collection was superb as well. Alicia from that collection is also a favorite. It’s just so good. I do plan to do a post on my favorite polishes as soon as I start feeling a bit better.

The green tends to pop out the most for me, but my fiance swears that the polish is only ever purple. So I guess you can decide on the color for yourself. Hopefully, you can get a bit of an idea from these pictures of what it looks like.

I’ve filed my nails quite a bit. I saw someone else with very short, deep vampy nails and they looked super chic. On me, however, the short nails come off a bit childish? Baby hands? I’m not sure what my deal is with them to be honest, but it’s not my favorite look. Luckily, they’ll grow. So not a big deal.

Sorry for the lack of pep, I try not to blog while I don’t feel great or when I’m in pain because it murders my personality. Please forgive me. It’s just been one of those weeks were my stupid EDS bod is doing all things that are wrong.

Happy Spring to you!!

Untried Polish Challenge No. 8

We’re halfway done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I’ve gotten a lot farther than I thought I would. I am so awful at sticking to anything, it’s embarrassing and it’s something I really have to work on. Yay for accomplishments, big and small. Give yourself a pat on the back for my job done. I didn’t feel comfortable saying it was a job well done since that would have been a lie. I did a thing and that is what matters! E-archeologists¬†will some day dig this blog up and be ashamed for their ancestors. As they should be.

New time! So excited for this one, he’s a purty¬†lil¬†guy. This is one of my new favorite polishes and I will be wearing it throughout the Late-Winter and Spring. Come on down, OPI I Can Never Hut Up and meet the readers!! The polish is from our dearest¬†Opi’s Spring/Summer 2017 Fiji Collection. He’s a mid-toned¬†gray with the most gorgeous green iridescence.


Two easy coats to perfection, as they say. My pinky fingernail shows a bit of ridge, but that is probably more my nail then the polish. My pinky ridges tend to show more easily than the others, but it’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed by a ridge filling base coat. I don’t even know if anyone would be able to tell in person as these macros tend to show things that aren’t visible to the naked eye. It can be mildly infuriating and if I had the energy to redo some of them I’d do it. No… of course, I wouldn’t blame my chronic fatigue to get away with my inherent laziness~ How dare!! ¬†Great offense! Shame 2 u, buddy boi!

I wholeheartedly stand by the fact that the shimmer in this polish is to die for. If you pick up nothing from this collection, at least¬†give this one a look. The polish seems to work okay with my skin tone since it comes off a bit blue. I was skeptical, but I’m excited about our future together and I’m glad I picked her up. Yes, her, she changes her mind sometimes and that’s okay. I for one, enjoy being kept on my toes.


Honestly, I’m drooling looking back at these photos. I’d put it back on right now if I wasn’t still doing this challenge and I know myself better than to let myself have a day off. The chances of me remembering to do the rest of the challenge would be very slim. My boyfriend calls me goldfish brain… When he’s not calling me heifer… or “stupid dog” in Japanese. We have a very loving and healthy relationship because he’d probably be right if I could remember what we were talking about. Oooo, boi. I am a spicy dad meme with all my dad level jokes.

TL;DR: Great polish, do recommend!!!

May your dreams be that of munchkins and sprinkled pancakes<3



Untried Polish Challenge No. 7


Now let’s jump right into it, shall we?! Today we have #7 of this polish challenge, which is ‘oldest’. I pulled out a few I thought might be the oldest, picked one that wasn’t the oldest, and then found out that some of the other polishes in my stash were even older. This is a huge fail on my part. Evey the polish I chose leaves something to be desired.

For this manicure, I chose China Glaze’s Infra-Red that came out in their 2013 Spring/Summer Hologram Collection. Holo is HUGE these days thanks to people like our Goddess, SimplyNailogical. This collection, from what I’ve read, wasn’t the best. I think if you’re looking for a more subdued holo in your polish these would be great for you.


I believe I did three coats for this one. Why it’s not in my notes, I do not know. It REQUIRES a ridge filling base coat. A top coat is also a must if you don’t want it to be semi-matte as all of these types of polishes dry matte-ish.

Infra-Red is a solid red that leans a scotche fuschia and has a subtle linear holo.

Don’t act like scotche¬†isn’t a word. For you peasants that don’t know this word, it’s pronounced like scotch, but the o is pronounced as o. Some may say it’s a hard o, I’d say you don’t know it’s life and have no room to judge.


Apart from my pinky finger (which I bumped while the top coat was still wet), you can actually see all the little imperfections where the polish streaked over itself.

When it comes down to it, I really like this polish in the light. Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to work with, it’s thin, it LOVES ridges, etc etc. I really wanted to like it, but it was as lackluster as I was promised. I’ll probably refrain from picking up any of the other ones in this collection from my wishlist.

Welp, that’s all I got for this one. Next time we have ‘Newest’. I chose to go with new as in came out more recently since I got a lot of these polishes at the same time and don’t have any truly old polishes in my collection that I’ve never used.

Beat it Chump,


Dupes?! China Glaze Snow Way vs OPI Oh My Majesty


It goes China Glaze Snow Way then OPI Oh My Majesty then CG then OPI. I can tell the difference, my fiance couldn’t. The CG has a bit more of a gray tone. The OPI is a bit brighter and whiter. The gold shimmer in the OPI seems to pop a little bit more. These are not dupes in my opinion. I expect dupes to be exact duplicates because the smallest differences can make the product look completely different on someone else.

IMG_0826Interchanging order – China Glaze Snow Way then OPI Oh My Majesty

These pictures were infuriatingly difficult to capture for some reason. I had to redo the shoot because almost all of them were very slightly blurry.

IMG_0829OPI Oh My Majesty followed by China Glaze Snow Way

When it comes down to it, do you need both? I’d say yes, but as I’ve said before, I’m a glutton. Deep down inside, I know that you don’t need both of these polishes. They are ridiculously similar and a little bit difficult to tell apart when on the nail.

So it comes down to which you like better. The CG dried a bit quicker, I accidently dented the OPI even though I thought it was ready to go. The formulas¬†are a little different, but similar. The OPI has a¬†thicker formula in comparison to the CG polish and I could see you running into Streaky Trouble-Town if you play with it too much. In the light, you can see that the gold shimmer in this one pops a bit more.The CG is a bit thinner and was a bit runny, but easy to control. They both level out really nicely, but I think if you weren’t careful about your strokes or played with the polishes too long they could possibly become streaky or ridged.

I haven’t been feeling great, but luckily have a bunch of the nail polish challenge posts backlogged and ready to post. Hopefully, there is joy to be had in extra posts. If not, I’m sorry. You should go find some joy because I say so, that’s why. If I disappear for a bit it’s because I got a new game and have turned into a vidiot for the unseen future and have forgotten about my nails. Don’t worry, it won’t last long because I have a bunch of glitter and other fun stuff on the way to make my own polishes.

Have a great rest of your weekend!!

PS- Ignore any typos, I am running on zero fuel and my brain is borked. I’m in hella smard¬†territory and haven’t been sleeping the best.

PPS – Borked is a word!? What. It’s definitely¬†my word and I’m going to sue the dictionary.


past tense: borked; past participle: borked; past tense: Borked; past participle: Borked
  1. obstruct (someone, especially a candidate for public office) through systematic defamation or vilification.
    “‚ÄúWe’re going to bork him,‚ÄĚ said an opponent”