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Untried Polish Challenge No.14

So close to being done! And I may do it again since I didn’t seem to make even the smallest of dents into my untried polish box. I hate myself. I’m not feeling do swell, so let’s get this one over with.

Zoya Ziv is a yellow gold textured polish with holographic glitters scattered through it. I have a weird issue with any kind of texture on my body, be it my nails, skin, whatever. It sends me into a weird shame spiral of NEEDING to pick it off. Top coat is important to me. This was 2 coats of Ziv and 2 coats of Out the Door to make sure I couldn’t feel any of those textured pieces popping through the first coat.


The polish was kind of thick but super easy to use and to control. Clean up is a bit of a pain as all glitter polishes are a bit harder to take off. I let a cotton ball soaked with remover sit on my nails for about 1 minute and it was easy to just swipe the polish off. It did leave me with some random bits of holo stuck in and around my cuticles. Normal glitter polish shenanigans, as they tend to be a bit of a little scamp upon removal.


All in all, I loved this polish. I’ve had it since the summer and hadn’t pulled it out yet. It isn’t the best looking color next to my skin tone, but I do like it and will continue to wear it. This one would be great for someone who is looking for a polish that looks like sand for nail art!

I can smell lasagna and it’s making me hangry. It is time to go annoy my bb until he feeds me. As life should be. Find you a dinner butler. That’s what the men folk are for. It’s okay if you aren’t into the men folk, they can still be used for dinner if need be. You can trust me on this one.

Fair the well, my little scrumptions,

Untried Polish Challenge No.12

Prettiest! Okay, to be honest, I had no idea what I’d pick here. I have SO many duochromes and iridescents sitting in my unused box. Yes, I have an unused box… OMG, I just realized what I typed. I’m leaving it in. #truetho Lol, I’m dying. I’m way too easily amused. The box is meant to help me remember which ones I haven’t tried yet. It on the end of my bad because I don’t like having to get up to do my nails. Is that lazy?

I eventually picked A England’s Princess Tears and I’m so glad I did.


Princess Tears is a medium toned, silvered purple with a linear holo. For my swatch pictures, I did two thick coats. Though the first coat seemed a bit thin, it was easy enough to even things out with my second coat. The formula is great and easy to control. Clean up was quick and easy. Top coat is suggested with these kinds of polishes to really bring them to their full potential.


The polish speaks for itself. Look at that. It’s jaw dropping. I really did not want to take this manicure off at all, but I did it for you, reader. Dearest Reader.

I don’t have much else to say, I’m not feeling so great. My brain is working on “Hella Smard Level” which isn’t very smard at all. See ya for the next one when I shove my hands into a crematorium and sport a nice ashen gray for early spring!


Untried Polish Challenge No. 7


Now let’s jump right into it, shall we?! Today we have #7 of this polish challenge, which is ‘oldest’. I pulled out a few I thought might be the oldest, picked one that wasn’t the oldest, and then found out that some of the other polishes in my stash were even older. This is a huge fail on my part. Evey the polish I chose leaves something to be desired.

For this manicure, I chose China Glaze’s Infra-Red that came out in their 2013 Spring/Summer Hologram Collection. Holo is HUGE these days thanks to people like our Goddess, SimplyNailogical. This collection, from what I’ve read, wasn’t the best. I think if you’re looking for a more subdued holo in your polish these would be great for you.


I believe I did three coats for this one. Why it’s not in my notes, I do not know. It REQUIRES a ridge filling base coat. A top coat is also a must if you don’t want it to be semi-matte as all of these types of polishes dry matte-ish.

Infra-Red is a solid red that leans a scotche fuschia and has a subtle linear holo.

Don’t act like scotche isn’t a word. For you peasants that don’t know this word, it’s pronounced like scotch, but the o is pronounced as o. Some may say it’s a hard o, I’d say you don’t know it’s life and have no room to judge.


Apart from my pinky finger (which I bumped while the top coat was still wet), you can actually see all the little imperfections where the polish streaked over itself.

When it comes down to it, I really like this polish in the light. Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to work with, it’s thin, it LOVES ridges, etc etc. I really wanted to like it, but it was as lackluster as I was promised. I’ll probably refrain from picking up any of the other ones in this collection from my wishlist.

Welp, that’s all I got for this one. Next time we have ‘Newest’. I chose to go with new as in came out more recently since I got a lot of these polishes at the same time and don’t have any truly old polishes in my collection that I’ve never used.

Beat it Chump,