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Untried Polish Challenge No.13

I’m almost done. I’m honestly so surprised I stuck with something like this for so long that I’m actually almost done. If you know me you know I mean well, but I have zero attention span… Then I realize I dun goofed and never finish anything because of anxiety and shame. Is there a word for that? Shaxiety? Shamxiety? Doesn’t really work.

I’m on the 13th one, which is In Season. I wanted to choose something that had come out recently, but was also appropriate for the time period and weather. When I wore this manicure it was early March in that pre-Spring area where it’s still cold, rainy, and gross. Essie Gel Couture line is among my favorite polish formulas so Closing Night was a no brainer. This came out for Essie Gel Couture’s Ballet Nudes Collection for Spring 2017. The whole collection is full of great neutral pallet cleansers.

Closing Night is a really great mid dusty blue with a fine, vibrant blue shimmer throughout. I’m getting major OPI I Can Never Hut Up vibes from this polish, but we’ll chat more about that in a moment.


Closing night was easy in two coats. I did find this formula to be a bit runnier than I’m used to and I had some minor pooling around the edges. Nothing crazy. The pictures also seem to pull out ridges and nail line, both of which were not visible to the naked eye. If I were to do raw macro swatches again I’d do 3 coats, but I am far too lazy for that and honestly, why!? The polish is great. The color is great. I recommend giving these a try if you haven’t yet. Transdesign tends to have them for really great prices if you’re interested.


So this comes down to Essie Gel Couture Closing Night vs OPI I Can Never Hut Up. Both polishes are great, they are both lovely, BUT do you need both?!?! I’d say yes, but I am a glutton. 1heffer <=== ME. Rocko’s Modern Life when Heffer goes to heck for being a glutton, but still asks for snacks. Back on track. I Can Never is more green and gray toned and may suit warmer skin tones more so than Closing Night. Closing Night has more blue to it and I’d say more cool toned. It all comes down to preference at this point. They are both good formulas that take two coats to opacity.


My top hand is OPI I Can Never Hut Up and the hand on the bottom is Essie Gel Couture Closing Night.

I hope this was somewhat helpful for anyone who was curious about these two polishes. By the time this is posted there will probably be a lot of comparisons up, but for anyone who stumbles on this blog I hope this helps!

I had to recruit my partner to take the bottom picture… I forgot that I can’t take a picture of both of my hands at one time. Only after I asked him to help did I realize that I could have used the timer. My poor brain is borked. Take me out back and put me down like Ol’ Yeller. Time to put this old cow out to pasture.

Try not to bork your brains!

Untried Polish Challenge No. 8

We’re halfway done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I’ve gotten a lot farther than I thought I would. I am so awful at sticking to anything, it’s embarrassing and it’s something I really have to work on. Yay for accomplishments, big and small. Give yourself a pat on the back for my job done. I didn’t feel comfortable saying it was a job well done since that would have been a lie. I did a thing and that is what matters! E-archeologists will some day dig this blog up and be ashamed for their ancestors. As they should be.

New time! So excited for this one, he’s a purty lil guy. This is one of my new favorite polishes and I will be wearing it throughout the Late-Winter and Spring. Come on down, OPI I Can Never Hut Up and meet the readers!! The polish is from our dearest Opi’s Spring/Summer 2017 Fiji Collection. He’s a mid-toned gray with the most gorgeous green iridescence.


Two easy coats to perfection, as they say. My pinky fingernail shows a bit of ridge, but that is probably more my nail then the polish. My pinky ridges tend to show more easily than the others, but it’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed by a ridge filling base coat. I don’t even know if anyone would be able to tell in person as these macros tend to show things that aren’t visible to the naked eye. It can be mildly infuriating and if I had the energy to redo some of them I’d do it. No… of course, I wouldn’t blame my chronic fatigue to get away with my inherent laziness~ How dare!!  Great offense! Shame 2 u, buddy boi!

I wholeheartedly stand by the fact that the shimmer in this polish is to die for. If you pick up nothing from this collection, at least give this one a look. The polish seems to work okay with my skin tone since it comes off a bit blue. I was skeptical, but I’m excited about our future together and I’m glad I picked her up. Yes, her, she changes her mind sometimes and that’s okay. I for one, enjoy being kept on my toes.


Honestly, I’m drooling looking back at these photos. I’d put it back on right now if I wasn’t still doing this challenge and I know myself better than to let myself have a day off. The chances of me remembering to do the rest of the challenge would be very slim. My boyfriend calls me goldfish brain… When he’s not calling me heifer… or “stupid dog” in Japanese. We have a very loving and healthy relationship because he’d probably be right if I could remember what we were talking about. Oooo, boi. I am a spicy dad meme with all my dad level jokes.

TL;DR: Great polish, do recommend!!!

May your dreams be that of munchkins and sprinkled pancakes<3