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Lazy Drip Marble Tutorial

Welp, this project took me three whole days to complete due to fatigue issues. For the average person it should actually take about a half day or whole day. There’s a bit of waiting time, but if you have the patience this is a really cool design and 100% worth it in the end.

To start off you need:
Cuticle pusher or orange stick
Polish; 2 or more (obvious, but worth mentioning)
Acetone (or remover, it’ll just take a bit longer for clean up)
A yogurt lid or similar surface/Silicone mat
Top coat
Base coat
Cleanup Brush
Pen or other poking item (for bubbles)


Okay, so. This is what you do. Pick a few colors you think would look nice together. Start off by making 2 to 3 rows of 3 of 4 drops of polish, almost touching. Continue to drop each color on top of the last drops you made. When you’re done start rotating the lid/surface. Continue to move the lid around until you have a pattern you like or until the polish starts to dry and is no longer mobile. Pop any bubble that have come to the surface.

IMG_1014 (2)

Now, wait. I left mine overnight and then put them into a plastic bag to try to ensure it didn’t over dry. You want the polish decal to be dry, but still flexible. If you wait too long it will start to get crispy around the edges. When I originally tried to move them it had been about 2-3 hours and though 2 of them were dry, I ruined part of one that was a little too thick that it hadn’t dried. Personally, I’d wait overnight or about 8 hours the next time I try this. That way they’ll be dry, but fresh enough that they aren’t flaking.

PS These are the colors I used. Zoya Saint, China Glaze Let’s Jam, China Glaze Eat, Pink, Be Merry, OPI Chiffon My Mind, and Orly Pretty Ugly.


Once the decals are all dry find the bits you like and cut them out to scale for each of your nails. Make sure to leave a bit of room around the edges. When you have those all situated you can move on to your foundation polish. If you want you can use base coat prior to this step, then move on to either clear nail polish or something like white to help the colors pop if they’re a bit sheer. I meant to use OPI Alpine Snow, but as I do, I misplaced it somewhere in this process because… typical. Instead, I used OPI I Cannoli Use OPI and it worked fine.

I painted the nail and then placed the decal onto the nail, ensuring that it was flat across the nail bed and adhered well. Use a gentle touch to ensure that you don’t smoosh the wet polish under the decal around too much. Using my thumbnail I gently left indents into where I planned to remove the excess polish. Then I moved onto the next finger and repeated the process.

Once all the nails were done they were still a bit wet so it was easy to go around the edges and use my thumbnail and an orange stick to separate the unwanted polish at the edges of the nail. Be very careful at this stage and try not to pull off the excess if it still appears to be connected. If the polish is still wet it can pull the decal off or rip it.

Use nail polish remover or acetone to clean up around the edges and add top coat.

IMG_1090 (2)

Ya done. Give yourself a big ol’ back pat. Sorry if this isn’t very cohesive, I’m exhausted. It’s taken me longer than I would have liked to get this up, but here it is. Apologies for any grammatical or spelling errors, as I said, I’m not functioning on high today… Or ever for that matter if you want me to be truthful.

Be well, children. Big love. I’m going to night nap. 3rd nap of the day is the most nutritious!

Makeup Inspiration Photo Dump: Vampy Fall Looks

copycopcyhwf makeupinspo deep-purple-gucci-westman-david-slijper blacksmokeyeyewithlighteyeliner winter1314 speckles2 greenfelice jawbreaker-05 copyvampberry turquoisegoldpurpgreyblack whiteyeblacklips
I’m going to start dumping my inspo here every now and then so I can share what I’ve found via the internet. These were all saved prior to me tracking down the sources so please feel free to let me know if you are the sauce or if you want me to take it down. Obviously, super over Summer trends.

What do you look to for makeup inspiration? I could spend hours (and have…) on google images and instagram. Instagram is probably the absolute best place to check out what makeup artists are up to. So much great art is being churned out these days and I personally cannot wait for the fall looks to start popping up!


Fair Olive Skin with Cool Undertones? Wat.

It’s a thing.

That could be the end of my blog post, but I guess I’ll go more in depth.

We’ll start with a description of my skin. I am definitely cool toned. Yellowed foundations make me look like I swallowed a whole jar of aspirin the day before, but the more pink toned cool foundations also tend to be a little off as well. In contrast to the pink toned foundations I tend to look a bit gray/green. I tan easily despite how fair I am (13-15NW in MAC terms) and my tan is GRAY. It’s actually a nice color, but it is clearly a very muted skin tone mixed with a bunch of grey. The whole grey tan thing makes fake tan look SUPER weird on me because they’re usually so orange based while I need something with a little bit more green or grey in it.

Quite some time ago my mom took my sister and I to a stylist who color matched us to foundation and figured out what seasons we were. The stylist was a lovely older woman who had been doing this job for a very long time and she told me out of all her years I was the hardest person she’s had to match foundation to (besides her own daughter). She matched me to a porcelain with pink added to it and it’s honestly the closest I’ve been able to come to a match. I was also pegged as a Deep Winter and that is so dead on it’s crazy. I highly suggest finding out your season. I usually only buy clothes from my color scheme now and it makes sure everything I buy looks great on me even if I end up getting bored of it in two days, which is the standard for me. Maybe I’ll do a post on that.

I’m tired now and don’t want to type anymore. I just wanted people to know that very fair cool olive tones are a thing. I has it. My mission is to find some foundations that will match people suffering of this cool olive blight. Here’s a couple pictures of things… Notice how under skin tones it says olive… I will use this as proof that I know what I’m talking about, but don’t quote me on any of this. I’ll do a better post on this with more intelligence and possibly science later about warm vs. cool olive skin tones since it seems to be a big ol’ question mark in the sky for most of us.


Looking at these totally makes me want to dye my hair silver too. I’d make such a foxy grandma.

Huggles to you and yours,
Overlord out.

[PSA] Check the Sephora sale section!!!

There are some great mark downs on Stila, Tarte, Urban Decay and Benefit  products!

I’m eyeing the old packaging of the Urban Decay Primer Potion for $10 since I’m almost out of mine and the Naked Flushed palette in naked for $15. There are some other great things like Tarte palettes, Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Pencils, and Stila Convertible Colors.

Excuses, Excuses.

Hey lovelies!

I actually am really sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. After I moved I had full intentions to get back into the habit of blogging again and perhaps even graduating to vlogging, but my health is kind of beating me down these days and it’s something that I can’t explore too much without becoming emotionally invested in my failures as a human bean. If I was a human bean, I’d be like that one half cooked bean that found it’s way into your dinner and makes you mouth cringe from the texture being way off.

Right now I’m investing the extra energy I have into getting eloped… Going to the DMV, doing paper work, talking my fiance into NOT wearing the suit pants that are held together with pins… You know, the norm. I’m spending the rest of my time nursing injuries, my forever jacked failed spinal fusion, and my stomachs love for giving me swirlies without actually being able to flush the handle itself. We’re playing this eloping thing by ear and we’re almost ready and with that my health issues should begin to improve. Through the sheer force of my submission to marriage as all women are intended!!!! Through the kitchen, I shall arise! LIKE THE MIGHTY PHOENIX!! Or through the health insurance plan I can only get through marriage… I’m really not sure how it works to be honest.

Part of the reason I’m not in any treatment now besides the immense $$$$$ that was being sucked out of fiance and myself is the pain killer situation. I stopped taking pain meds about 2 and a half years now and it wasn’t the best life choice I’ve ever made. They do indeed change your personality and if your pain doctor is a dick you end up withdrawing until your next dose like I did. There’s a lot of stigma and it gets obnoxious hearing everyone’s opinions about something that is likely a last option for you. Doctors don’t just hand you a script and a pat on the butt. They make you try everything, even the things they personally know won’t work and in this process you start to become very beat down. Most sick people are not thrilled once the doctor gives up and finally offers you pain medication and it’s a hard decision as a patient to make as well. This could potentially control the rest of your life, you’re at risk of addiction, you’re going to be treated like an addict, and shitty people in your life are going to steal from you (or maybe ask you for the meds you need to get up in the morning because them getting high is much more important than you getting to the toilet tomorrow AM). The whole thing scares me and I guess what I’m getting at is that I hope this time will be different. Hopefully I’ll find something that works OR find a doctor that actually takes my illness into account and prescribes me the correct medication right off the bat instead of stringing me along until the DEA shows up and she changes her mind.

I WILL TRY TO POST MORE! I have tons of product photos and some look pictures as well that need to be uploaded. I’ve also finally gotten my beauty/computer/filming station set up and all I need is some better lighting and a good mirror since I’m a bat. Coming back will happen. I love this community and I adore makeups so not coming back isn’t an option.

Hope everyone out there is well!! I have some blogs to catch up on.


Yooooooo, ebates. 16% off Sephora, today only. GO FORTH AND HAUL.
There are a couple other brands/stores under ebates doing the 16% off thing, Stila was… Which if you combine with their current offer of 20% off till 5/18 is like 36% off. THAT’S COLD HARD SCIENCE, FRIENDS!

Stila just came out with new colors for their Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks and they are much pretties.

That is all I got for now. Go spend your hard earned moneys$$$. Tell me what you get!

Jeffree Star (714) and Queen Supreme Liquid Lipsticks on DollsKill RIGHT MEOW

Jeffree Star’s new limited edition shades (714) and Queen Supreme are both up (along with Redrum) on Dollskill.com RIGHT NOW. The lipsticks officially launch on his site on 3/13 for this coming Friday, but if you’re like me and scared about how quickly they usually sell out on his site you can pay a few extra doll hairs for shipping so you can get your hands on them now.

Thought I’d pass this along for those of you that are trying to burn off the rage from LimeCrime. Giving my money to a rival company seems like a great way to get over my current sads over the fact that Riot has just launched and it took every bit of self control I have (there is almost none, but yes, I do have some) to not actually buy it. The color just looks so gorgeous and I love the formula, but UGH! Never again.

The J.Star ones are GORGEOUS colors for spring and I’m thinking about getting a few others along with trying out the Anastasia ones. I see you Sad Girl. But yes, I’m really digging pastels right now.


This is all I’ve got for right now. I have a bunch of stuff I need to post about. I have a bunch of stuff in the mail. I have a lot to make up to you guys for disappearing as much as I have. Maybe I can make it up to you guys with a vlog instead of a blog post. It seems like the natural route to take since I watch as much Youtube as I do. My only issue would be finding a place to film from since my current area is so cramped. So, maybe I can review these when they get here or maybe I can just rip into them and try them out right away like the uncivilized savage I am and then tell you about it later.

We’ll see.

<3Huggles to ya’ll Muggles.