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Lazy Drip Marble Tutorial

Welp, this project took me three whole days to complete due to fatigue issues. For the average person it should actually take about a half day or whole day. There’s a bit of waiting time, but if you have the patience this is a really cool design and 100% worth it in the end.

To start off you need:
Cuticle pusher or orange stick
Polish; 2 or more (obvious, but worth mentioning)
Acetone (or remover, it’ll just take a bit longer for clean up)
A yogurt lid or similar surface/Silicone mat
Top coat
Base coat
Cleanup Brush
Pen or other poking item (for bubbles)


Okay, so. This is what you do. Pick a few colors you think would look nice together. Start off by making 2 to 3 rows of 3 of 4 drops of polish, almost touching. Continue to drop each color on top of the last drops you made. When you’re done start rotating the lid/surface. Continue to move the lid around until you have a pattern you like or until the polish starts to dry and is no longer mobile. Pop any bubble that have come to the surface.

IMG_1014 (2)

Now, wait. I left mine overnight and then put them into a plastic bag to try to ensure it didn’t over dry. You want the polish decal to be dry, but still flexible. If you wait too long it will start to get crispy around the edges. When I originally tried to move them it had been about 2-3 hours and though 2 of them were dry, I ruined part of one that was a little too thick that it hadn’t dried. Personally, I’d wait overnight or about 8 hours the next time I try this. That way they’ll be dry, but fresh enough that they aren’t flaking.

PS These are the colors I used. Zoya Saint, China Glaze Let’s Jam, China Glaze Eat, Pink, Be Merry, OPI Chiffon My Mind, and Orly Pretty Ugly.


Once the decals are all dry find the bits you like and cut them out to scale for each of your nails. Make sure to leave a bit of room around the edges. When you have those all situated you can move on to your foundation polish. If you want you can use base coat prior to this step, then move on to either clear nail polish or something like white to help the colors pop if they’re a bit sheer. I meant to use OPI Alpine Snow, but as I do, I misplaced it somewhere in this process because… typical. Instead, I used OPI I Cannoli Use OPI and it worked fine.

I painted the nail and then placed the decal onto the nail, ensuring that it was flat across the nail bed and adhered well. Use a gentle touch to ensure that you don’t smoosh the wet polish under the decal around too much. Using my thumbnail I gently left indents into where I planned to remove the excess polish. Then I moved onto the next finger and repeated the process.

Once all the nails were done they were still a bit wet so it was easy to go around the edges and use my thumbnail and an orange stick to separate the unwanted polish at the edges of the nail. Be very careful at this stage and try not to pull off the excess if it still appears to be connected. If the polish is still wet it can pull the decal off or rip it.

Use nail polish remover or acetone to clean up around the edges and add top coat.

IMG_1090 (2)

Ya done. Give yourself a big ol’ back pat. Sorry if this isn’t very cohesive, I’m exhausted. It’s taken me longer than I would have liked to get this up, but here it is. Apologies for any grammatical or spelling errors, as I said, I’m not functioning on high today… Or ever for that matter if you want me to be truthful.

Be well, children. Big love. I’m going to night nap. 3rd nap of the day is the most nutritious!

Untried Polish Challenge No.14

So close to being done! And I may do it again since I didn’t seem to make even the smallest of dents into my untried polish box. I hate myself. I’m not feeling do swell, so let’s get this one over with.

Zoya Ziv is a yellow gold textured polish with holographic glitters scattered through it. I have a weird issue with any kind of texture on my body, be it my nails, skin, whatever. It sends me into a weird shame spiral of NEEDING to pick it off. Top coat is important to me. This was 2 coats of Ziv and 2 coats of Out the Door to make sure I couldn’t feel any of those textured pieces popping through the first coat.


The polish was kind of thick but super easy to use and to control. Clean up is a bit of a pain as all glitter polishes are a bit harder to take off. I let a cotton ball soaked with remover sit on my nails for about 1 minute and it was easy to just swipe the polish off. It did leave me with some random bits of holo stuck in and around my cuticles. Normal glitter polish shenanigans, as they tend to be a bit of a little scamp upon removal.


All in all, I loved this polish. I’ve had it since the summer and hadn’t pulled it out yet. It isn’t the best looking color next to my skin tone, but I do like it and will continue to wear it. This one would be great for someone who is looking for a polish that looks like sand for nail art!

I can smell lasagna and it’s making me hangry. It is time to go annoy my bb until he feeds me. As life should be. Find you a dinner butler. That’s what the men folk are for. It’s okay if you aren’t into the men folk, they can still be used for dinner if need be. You can trust me on this one.

Fair the well, my little scrumptions,

Zoya Olivera

I thought I’d dedicate a post to my favorite polish that came out last year. Here are 2 silky coats of Zoya’s Olivera from their Winter/Holiday 2016 line. I did have an excess of polish on the brush for this one, but any extra work is worth it for this kind of shade. The formula is just a little too runny, but I’m sure that will change over time and once it’s been used a few times. I’m so smitten with this polish that I’ve worn it several times since I’ve gotten it. This is a big deal for me. Even though I paint my nails almost daily, I do rotate most of my polishes and get bored of colors ridiculously easily. This leads to a lot of them only being worn a few times, especially as I get/make more to add to the collection.

Olivera has a really deep hunter/forest green, navy, purple multichrome shimmer kind of thing going on that I thoroughly enjoy. This collection was one of my favorites of the year, I highly recommend Alice and Saint as well. Also, Zoya’s fall collection was superb as well. Alicia from that collection is also a favorite. It’s just so good. I do plan to do a post on my favorite polishes as soon as I start feeling a bit better.

The green tends to pop out the most for me, but my fiance swears that the polish is only ever purple. So I guess you can decide on the color for yourself. Hopefully, you can get a bit of an idea from these pictures of what it looks like.

I’ve filed my nails quite a bit. I saw someone else with very short, deep vampy nails and they looked super chic. On me, however, the short nails come off a bit childish? Baby hands? I’m not sure what my deal is with them to be honest, but it’s not my favorite look. Luckily, they’ll grow. So not a big deal.

Sorry for the lack of pep, I try not to blog while I don’t feel great or when I’m in pain because it murders my personality. Please forgive me. It’s just been one of those weeks were my stupid EDS bod is doing all things that are wrong.

Happy Spring to you!!

Untried Polish Challenge No.6

OoooOOOooooOO! Cool tones are up! Am I excited or am I a ghost? Probably both.

I had a decent amount to choose from for this one, but I went with the ‘duh’ that’s definitely cool-toned, deep gray. Today we have another one from the Zoya Fall 2016 collection, Zoya Troy. I’ve had my eye on this one for a bit, but I tend to pick a different polish instead whenever pull it out. It’s a deep (almost black) gray, saturated with tiny metallic flakes. Troy also seems to have a purple to it at certain angles. It makes me feel like maybe I’m losing my mind and that it doesn’t really exist.


As you may have noticed, the polish did chip up in the corner of my pointer finger. That was 100% user error as I gracefully dug the chip out with another fingernail. Knowing me, this may happen a lot in the future. Look, I never claimed to be good at this. I just REALLY like nail polish.

Anyways, isn’t this pretty? Some may even say she’s pretty af.  I’d applaud them for it.


I like this a lot more than I thought I would. As usual with Zoya polishes, it’s perfect. Two coats with a great formula that is easy to use. It works great with my three-month-old, starting to green, corpse skin tone which is always a huge plus. I’m thrilled to have this polish in my collection and have no complaints.

Join us next time when I paint my nails with the blood of the barbarian celts who have slain my people OR for when I mess up and choose a polish from 2013 as the oldest when it’s not. Also, I may actually be descended from those celts, so…. Maybe we’ll save that one for when I start running out of ideas.

Salutations, as Charlotte would say.
I’m the pig.


Disclaimer: I don’t like using photoshop when it comes to nail swatches or makeup photos. I do crop and may adjust the color to make it appear as close to the actual polish color as possible. However, and this is only my personal opinion, I don’t like making my pictures look unattainable. Photoshop is just used too heavily these days and it makes me feel like I’m lying. It looks great, but it’s not for me. Maybe some day I’ll change my mind, but for now, I’ll stick to my hangnails and yellow nail beds.

Untried Polish Challenge No. 5

It’s hard to find warm tones that suit me so it’s a little hard to find warm polishes in my stash let alone in my unused polish collection.

In my first post for this challenge, I wrote a bit about my preferences, but one of the more important things that people should be aware of is that I have very fair cool olive skin. I think that’s important for anyone who sees these colors and wonders how they may look on them as it can tend to vary by skin tone. Personally, I fall into the Deep Winter color palette so those are the colors I tend to gravitate towards most. I’ve found it makes a huge difference in how put together I look. The green in my skin can make me look kind of sick when I don’t pay attention to the colors I’m wearing.

Well, now that that tangent is out of the way. Let us get down to business.

Next up we have Zoya India for Warm. I swear I didn’t purposefully choose so many Zoya’s, but I had just bought a bunch of bottles during their 70% off sale.

Just an FYI: This is around when I dropped my clean up brush under the bed. Don’t worry another one is in the mail. Yes, I bought a new one instead of crawling under the bed. What am I, a peasant? Some kind of crawling rabbit creature? A childhood nightmare? Am I just lazy or scared of dislocating my shoulder like last time?? We’ll never know! I promise my clean up will be better* again by Prettiest or In Season.

(*) It will always be trash. This isn’t the place to come for quality bb. Just layin’ down the facts of life.


She mad pretty. This is another one where I don’t have much to say. Zoya is my favorite for a reason. India is this lovely deep red with a splash of brown and a whole bunch of gold and red flake glitters. Just all around gorgeous polish with a great formula for a sassy manicure.


This was two coats, no issues, with easy cleanup with a qtip. I’d love to figure out how to get the cuticle line straight with a cotton swab, but I think this is the best I’m going to get without a brush. These darker colors are especially noticeable around the cuticle and it makes me a bit physically uncomfortable. I’M NOT NEUROTIC, YOU’RE NEUROTIC. I used a quick dry top coat as usual.

Sounds like my fiance just woke up, he fell asleep in the bathroom. It’s 6:12 AM and he’s going to be late for work. I tried to wake him up, but he yelled at me so I left him to sleep because I’m inherently a petty bitch. Don’t date me, I’m awful.

Have a glorious life. The whole thing, not just a good day. I’m rooting for you.


Untried Polish Challenge No. 4


I’m excited about this post. I have a ton of neutral polishes that I haven’t tried yet since they are one of the main staples I gravitate towards. My makeup collection is also pretty heavy on neutrals. When all else fails, neutrals tend to look elegant, classy and go with everything.

The color I chose for this one didn’t look the best with my skin tone, but it is to DIE for (shame me for it, I am an old lady and I deserve to be ridiculed) and the formula is butter. There’s your review, there really isn’t much else to say about this one. I’m really sad that it didn’t look great on me, but I think it’d work with my friend’s skin tone better so I’m going to have to have her try it.

Here we have Zoya’s Noah.

This polish came out in Zoya’s Fall 2016 collection, which was phenomenal by the way. I also really enjoyed their Winter collection too. I’d swatched this on one nail and decided it didn’t work on my skin tone. Coming back, I had hoped that maybe one of the colors I’d had on the fingers next to the one that had this polish one it had skewed the color a bit. Alas, it was not meant to be.

This was two easy coats, no muss, no fuss. I really don’t have much to say besides the fact that I love it, it’s unrequited and the crippling depression of said love is beginning to set in. Noah is a medium-light, putty, clay type color that appears to be pretty neutral toned.

I took a few pictures in different lighting so you can see the color more accurately. The bottom photo was with a daylight light bulb, the other two were taken varying distances from a normal yellow toned light bulb. It’s science!… or something!

I am so sleepy and sloppy AND GAAAAY (it turned into a song). Farwell, sweet little puppos!


Untried Polish Challenge No. 2 Two Colors

‘ello Gov’nas!

I’m currently in bed, in the middle of the night, spread eagle with the laptop on my tummy, and a paper plate with a partially eaten french bread pizza resting on my tatters (the plate is also secured under my chin to lessen tcrumbage). Thought I’d draw my tiny, but lovable audience a picture. Whatever you pictured in your mind’s eye is deffo probs 99.9998% correct. I am that work of art.

Okay! So today we have number two on the list which is “Two”. Neato. I had a lot of ideas for this one and planned on doing a gradient, then I realized “fuck that” and just did an interchanging jigger. I AM A NAIL ARTIST! THIS IS MY ART. I picked these two polishes from Zoya because they’ve been sitting in my stash and I had yet to touch them yet despite how gorgina they are.

Here we have Zoya’s Aurora (purp) and Dream (blue).


They are both more jelly formulas with scattered holographic glitters. They were both super easy to use and took two coats. The formulas are basically the same, although, Aurora did seem a bit thinner. That could have been user error though as I was having trouble painting my nails this day. I didn’t use base coat and did have a tiny bit of staining from them, but I stain from everything


Oh. That’s an awful swatch photo. Good job, loser. I’m so sorry these are awful. Out of 20 pictures, these 2 were the best due to hand tremors. It was just one of those days, but the slightly out of focus effect kind of shows the holo better… Maybe! We can pretend.


I honestly don’t have much to say about these. They’re really pretty, easy to use, and just all around good stuff. Zoya is one of, if not, my favorite brand and it’s pretty rare that I don’t like their polish. If you haven’t tried Zoya yet, you’re missing out. You should follow them on social media because they have THE best sales. They actually just came out with their Spring 2017 collection and I’ve got a serious case of grabby hands.

Note: Zoya is cruelty-free, vegan, AND 10-free.

Farewell and Godspeed!

PS: Some of these are going to be written earlier than they are posted. I plan on trying to get as many done as I can when I feel well enough, queue them to post later, and then hopefully it won’t look like I drop off the earth. I like blogs that post at a normal rate and I’d like do provide that same kind of deal for my followers.